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Get a glimpse into my life with pets through excerpts from my diary. Enjoy funny anecdotes about my girls (our dogs Sheba (RIP) and Sammy (RIP)), The Twins (our cats Arty and Lewie) and The Budgie Birds (Bella Blue and Charly) - and not forgetting my human boys too (The Dad and Aaron).

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When DD finally accepts that there’s absolutely nothing she wouldn’t do for her fur (and feathered) kids… ...read more

Lessons in Doglish

30th Aug, 2019
There are many times when I’ve wished that my girls, Sheba and Sammy, could just talk, maybe draw an image in the sand with a steady paw, or indicate with a blink or two for “getting hot” or “getting cold” so that I could better grasp what’s going on with them. ...read more

Friends with ferals

31st Jul, 2019
I proudly show (to anyone who seems remotely animal crazy like me) photos of our handsome blue-eyed Siamese lookalike boys, Arty and brother Lewie, and their hearts melt. ...read more


28th Jun, 2019
Our little Sammy Bear is thirteen years old, and recently, a few days after a bath, I noticed a somewhat funky smell wafting from the region of her ears. ...read more

Last night was eventful in our little cottage. After a few nights of sleeping downstairs with Sammy (in an attempt for both of us to sleep more soundly…), we’d decided to bunk with The Dad upstairs. It went well until 22h00, when Sammy disappeared downstairs. ...read more

The “golden years” with fur kids isn’t easy (for us nor for them!), and after many years of untold cuteness (when they were babies), lots of laughs and fun (as they grew up) and then the mellow and mature years… we all know that far too soon for our liking, our precious pets WILL get old. ...read more

Joined at the hip!

29th Mar, 2019
And, so, I was yet again faced with that dilemma of missing my elderly mom dearly, feeling the need to surprise her and spend her 82nd birthday with her, but also grappling with the fact that this means having to actually leave my fur kids… something you know by now I find the hardest thing ever to do! ...read more

The day was going swimmingly. Work on Happy Tails (www.happytailsmagazine.co.za) was ticking over nicely. Sheba and Sammy were curled up peacefully in their favourite places after a morning game of ball. I can’t be sure where The Twins (Arty Cat and Brother Lewie) were at the time, but no doubt it was somewhere comfy. ...read more

Sheba and the shrew

31st Jan, 2019
It was a usual sunny Saturday afternoon, but one not exempt from chores, and so I trundled outside to take down the laundry. Sheba Shanks merrily trotted along behind me but quickly lost interest in what I was doing and became FAR too interested in something under the bits of wood and shrubbery against the wall. ...read more

I’d been sans a “poufy little dog” for well over two years. Having previously shared my life with two adorable little Morkies (Maltese Poodle-Yorkshire Terrier dogs), namely Bonnie and, a few years later, Charlie, I longed for a cuddly lap dog to call my own. ...read more

Page 1 of 4, 36 articles found. Displaying: 1-10
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