Happy Tales

Photo credit: Strike a Pose Photography

Jenny Ross and her beautiful Maya.

Read Maya's Happy Tale here




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Basil and Bay

27th May, 2022
The tiny white-and-brown goat kids were estimated to be less than an hour old when they were found huddled together outside a storefront... ...read more

Blue and I were meant to be, and although he had a really rough start in life... ...read more

Hello, my name is Indigo (Indy for short), and I was born around the month of March 2020 into a brand-new world with problems such as Covid-19... ...read more


18th May, 2022
Handsome, sociable tabby cat Jamie was very friendly with the team at the TEARS offices... ...read more

The horrific story of a gentle dog that was flung from the second-floor stairwell railing of a Hanover Park apartment block by a group of children ...read more

On the 8th of April 2021, Jill Heinrich, feral carer at one of our biggest colonies, collected her domestic worker from her home. ...read more

Chaplin’s Charm

29th Apr, 2022
As a volunteer at Kroonstad SPCA, I’m involved in taking videos and helping to find homes for our precious animals. ...read more

When the staff arrived at work on the 9th of November, no one was prepared to see what awaited them in the standby kennels. ...read more

Best Friends Forever

20th Apr, 2022
A kitten and pup were surrendered to us after Inspector Beverley Rademeyer and the Health Department went to investigate ...read more

As a previous owner and breeder of the incredible Ridgeback, I always knew that at some point I’d want another one. ...read more

Page 1 of 55, 544 articles found. Displaying: 1-10