Happy Tales

Photo credit: Jackie Wernberg Photography
Snowy the much-loved "Grabouw Skollie" and his proud owner, Sue Fraser
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Hello, Dolly

26th Nov, 2021
In September 2020, my best friend, Pieter Klopper, and I went on holiday to a beautiful little farm in Sutherland called Blesfontein Guest Farm. ...read more

Bollie, the cat, arrived at Animal Welfare Helderberg on the 22nd of May 2021. Kids had used a rubber band as a collar,... ...read more

In mid-June, a community member contacted us via our TEARS Facebook Page with a shocking image of two desperately thin dogs. ...read more

Angelic Asher

17th Nov, 2021
Mollie, my 2.3-year-old Dachshund, was born with a severe liver shunt, and although we were offered the option to put her to sleep as a pup ...read more

Making Mouse Mobile

12th Nov, 2021
The puppies were crying all day and night, said the caller from South Hills, Johannesburg, who contacted me about two litters that weren’t being fed. ...read more

We at SPCA Witbank believe that every animal entering our doors deserves a second chance, but sadly that’s not always possible. ...read more

My name is Katinka, I was previously called Phillipa, and this is my story. ...read more

Happy Hunter

27th Oct, 2021
Julie Morris of Border Collie Rescue asked me to check in on an 11-week-old pup as the owner believed him to be a stupid dog that wouldn’t... ...read more

Benjie the Brave

22nd Oct, 2021
Benjie was uplifted as a young seven-to-eight-week-old puppy when we were called out to a property in Scottsdene... ...read more

The Kakebeen Klub

20th Oct, 2021
CatzRus is a small but dedicated foster-based cat rescue organisation in Pretoria. ...read more

Page 1 of 50, 500 articles found. Displaying: 1-10