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This little feral lived under a car and found most of her food from a dumpster at a public hospital in Garankuwa, north of Pretoria. ...read more

In the beginning of the year, I went to TEARS to drop off some stuff for them… DELIBERATELY out of viewing hours, so I couldn’t even look; because I know me… they also know me! ...read more

I first saw him in January 2019. A skittish and elusive marbled tabby, sitting a distance away from the other feral cats in my large colony, just as a newbie would do. ...read more

My girlfriend, Philecia, and I first saw Àsgeirr when we went to visit Ingrid Liberté from Australian Shepherd South African Rescue Organisation (ASSARO) on the farm for a few days in December 2018. ...read more

On Friday, the 6th of March 2020, Girlie finally arrived back home. She’d last seen her home around the 30th of December 2019. ...read more

Sabrina was just four-and-a-half months old when she was rescued from Macassar. She’d been buried alive and was rescued by a man who had her for two weeks when his Pit Bulls attacked her when she just wanted food. ...read more

Our perfect Pirate

8th Jul, 2020
Earlier this year, the CoGH SPCA were made aware of cats that were reported to be suffering from severe medical conditions. At the time, SPCA Trainee Inspector Carly Jordaan was sent to investigate the claims. ...read more


26th Jun, 2020
Justice was the victim of a cruel fireworks prank over the festive season. ...read more

Written by Tara McGovern, Communications, Resource and Development – Cape of Good Hope SPCA When someone put little Lulu into a black rubbish bag – with the rest of their garbage – they made it clear that this dog was regarded as nothing more than a piece of trash. They threw her away, literally, before they even dumped the bag in a veld. Thank heavens for Ricardo Daniel, the passer-by who heard muffled crying and… ...read more

And in case you missed Zeus’s original Happy Tale… read it here before scrolling down… https://www.happytailsmagazine.co.za/happy-tales/zeus-the-brave-an-amazing-boy-with-an-amazing-story/ ...read more

Page 2 of 39, 390 articles found. Displaying: 11-20