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BoeBoe our blessing

13th Mar, 2020
BoeBoe and his human were often seen around town. The little dog was always wet or being dragged behind a rickety shopping cart. ...read more

Brave Brody

11th Mar, 2020
While everyone was enjoying New Year’s Eve and having a lovely time with their families and friends, very few people spared a thought about animals when fireworks were being let off. ...read more

Hurting an animal intentionally is one of the worst things human beings can do. ...read more

On the 18th of October, Aiding Simba/Paws from Heaven NPO 202677, a special needs feline sanctuary, received a plea for help for this poor cat. ...read more

Our need to adopt a dog grew when we gave up searching for our Maltese poodle, Fluffy. ...read more

Binx was found as a stray in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. ...read more

Our journey with our adopted fur babies began after we lost our beloved 14-year-old Lab, Bobby, in August 2014, and our 13-year-old Siberian Husky, Sasha, in January 2015. ...read more

One of the biggest challenges in rescue is finding the perfect home for the animals in your care. It becomes that much harder when they’re teenagers, and even more difficult when they’re adults. ...read more

Rescuing Ragnar

14th Feb, 2020
The 14th of October 2019 was another eye-opening day in rescue for us. ...read more

Doting on Daisy

12th Feb, 2020
I never did get to hear her full story, but from her behaviour, one could tell Daisy’s story wasn’t a good one. ...read more

Page 5 of 39, 390 articles found. Displaying: 41-50