Johnny and June: A Love Story

19th Nov, 2021

Written by Wendy Scheepers – TEARS Marketing Manager

Professional photography by Nat Gold ZA

In mid-June, a community member contacted us via our TEARS Facebook Page with a shocking image of two desperately thin dogs. Despite the poor quality of the image sent to us, we could see that the two dogs were suffering serious neglect.

The lady who sent the message informed us that her landlady’s dogs looked sickly, and she was worried that the landlady was too old to adequately care for the two.

Once the message was received, the Ops Team was quickly activated, as the suffering of these dogs was just too clear. TEARS Animal Welfare Assistant Xolela Qhoki was dispatched with the TEARS Mobile Clinic to uplift them from a life of pain.

The TEARS Veterinary Hospital was on standby to receive these cases. Upon arrival, they were examined and found to be skeletal, scared and suffering from chronic mange. It was quite evident that the two, Johnny and June, had once been cared for but had undergone a quick descent into starvation. Their skin hung on their bones where it had once been plump with muscle and fat.

Treatment began immediately. Johnny and June’s diet changed from mere scraps to a high-quality, nutritious vet prescription diet to help boost their body’s ability to heal their skin. June was prescribed antibiotics to help with a secondary skin infection that was causing her considerable irritation. Both dogs suffered from ehrlichiosis, which required intensive treatment. They both thoroughly enjoyed their medicated baths using Virbac Pyoderm Shampoo to soothe their skin, and they were treated with tick and flea remedies.

Recovery for Johnny and June has been slow, and we don’t know how long they’d been suffering. It took a long time to earn their trust, but it’s a blessing to see how the two have blossomed and found happiness again.

We were so grateful when they found their happily-ever-after forever home with Kat Fouché together!

Kat Fouché, Johnny and June’s new owner, shares…

At the end of 2020, I decided to move to Fish Hoek. My doggy family had all passed that year due to old age, and I wanted to start a new life and get a new doggy family. I began looking at animal welfare Facebook pages and websites.

When I saw the story of Johnny and June on the TEARS website, I sobbed myself to sleep. I just couldn’t stop thinking about them and the amazing people who put those little broken souls back together with such love and tenderness.

I wanted to give back to honour all my little dogs that had passed on and been such a special part of my life by opening my heart to these two souls that had been so hurt and neglected.

I woke up the next morning and the decision was made. I called TEARS and told them that I was coming to Fish Hoek as soon as my house in Johannesburg was sold and that I wanted to adopt Johnny and June.

I arrived in August and immediately contacted TEARS and went to visit them. I was scared that someone had already adopted Johnny and June, but I was so lucky – they were still there.

Since then, I’ve been privileged to be a part of their lives. We bonded instantly, and we moved together into my new house in early September.

They now know that every morning when I pick up my keys we’re going to the beach and they bark with delight. In fact, they ask to go for walkies. Shy and scared at first, they now run with abandon – always at my side! It’s a wonderful new life for all of us!

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