6th Aug, 2021

Written by Allan Perrins – Head of Communications, Resource Development & Fundraising, Animal Welfare Society of South Africa

Professional photography by Jackie Wernberg Photography

After spending almost 200 days in our care, Lady Rose has found her forever home!

Lady Rosemead (more affectionately known as Lady Rose) came into our lives rather unexpectedly in February 2021 following a concerted month-long effort by dog lovers across the Southern Suburbs.

Taken to safety

Lady Rosemead’s gallivanting, which lasted around one month, saw her visiting Claremont, Kenilworth, Wynberg and Ottery. A humane trap was baited with a few pieces of KFC chicken that “she went mad for” which allowed our team to tempt her into the trap and take her to safety.

According to our team on the ground, this remarkable outcome was made possible by a fantastic, Herculean group effort, and we want to say “Thank You” to everyone for their tireless efforts, and to TEARS for the loan of their trap.

A full recovery

When she arrived, the beautiful dog was terrified, ravenously hungry, unaccustomed to eating proper dog food, and suffering from debilitating Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumours (CTVT, a proverbial four-letter abbreviation in any vet’s dictionary) that required extensive chemotherapy. Lady Rosemead (or Rose for short) was also infested with ticks and fleas, and suffering from the tick-borne disease Ehrlichiosis.

Rose received appropriate treatment, loads of love and she went on to make a full recovery. As soon as she was well enough, she was spayed, vaccinated and microchipped, and transferred to our Animal Care Centre where we set about finding her a perfect home.

A different dog

Six months down the line and she’s a different dog – she even has a loving home of her own.

Her new owners, Peter and Patricia Muller of Flamingo Vlei, read her story on Cape Town ETC and immediately knew that she was The One. Peter wasted no time in calling us to find out if she was still available. The family immediately drove through to meet and introduce her to their beloved six-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Leo, who added his bark of approval to their unanimous decision to adopt her.

The Mullers had only recently moved into their new home, and Peter, who enjoys walking, was keen on getting a larger dog as a walking companion. He initially had his heart set on a Dobermann but, when he showed the family the pictures of Lady Rose and read them her story, they were smitten. “YEAH – she’s beautiful!” exclaimed everyone.

Peter reckons that rescue dogs are the best and believes that what makes them extra-special is their knowing that their adopters were willing to give them a second chance. We agree one hundred per cent.

That very evening, instead of spending another night all alone in her kennel worrying about what tomorrow would bring, Lady Rose got to enjoy the companionship and love of her new forever family.

The animal welfare profession can be brutal, and fairy-tale endings like this need to be celebrated, so Cape Town ETC, and Leigh-Ann Londt in particular, we invite you to bask in the glow of helping us to save Lady Rose.   

Peter Muller, Lady Rose’s new owner, shares…

I resigned my job to start my own business in the poultry industry but, due to a lack of funding, I had to abandon the project temporarily. Upon seeking God for the way forward, as I believed that starting the business was from Him, I received scriptural confirmation to remain in His Word, to learn it, to do what it says, then I’d be successful (Joshua 1:8) – establishing a Kingdom Company requires biblical obedience. I’m thus still at home, studying the Bible, waiting for an investor with a Kingdom mind-set to back me.

Rose is “blessed” to have my wife, Patricia, and I dote on her all day long, and when our daughters are home, she’s spoilt with an abundance of attention and love. She sneaks onto my daughter’s bed in the early evening after being invited once, only going to hers in the lounge at bedtime.

Rose goes for two walks a day, which she thoroughly enjoys, and when I couldn’t walk her due to the recent rains, she was visibly disappointed. She walks without a leash on the walkway next to the vlei and doesn’t wander off but stays with me.

Rose snapped at Leo a few times during the first week, but she’s settled down and is now comfortable with her furry brother. She’s happy, spoilt, loved, and definitely at home with us.


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