5th Jun, 2024

Written by Caryn Allen, Treasurer at The Lucky Lucy Foundation

Professional photography by Caroline Hartley Photography 

Letsatsi (as named by the Lucky Lucy Foundation) was attacked by a dog at her previous home sometime last year, leaving her with horrific wounds and two fractured legs – her left back leg and her right front leg. As her previous owner didn’t seem to show much care for her injuries, a concerned resident was kind enough to bring this broken and torn-up baby to the Lucky Lucy Foundation for help.

This brave little girl went in for surgery immediately with an amazing vet, Dr Brink Bosman, who examined the extent of the fractures. The fracture on the right front leg, especially, was very complicated due to various pieces of shattered bone. However, our lovely vet immediately “put shoulder to the wheel” in an attempt to save both fractured legs.

When Letsatsi went in for surgery, Dr Bosman found that the infection on the right front leg was under control and a pin was inserted to stabilise the fractured pieces of bone. But the news on the back leg was, unfortunately, not positive. The puncture wounds were very deep and the infection was not yet under control. In addition, the skin had started to separate from the muscle and tissue beneath, which raised major concerns. The risk of operating on the leg was too high.

Letsatsi was put on a stronger antibiotic and the wounds were deep-cleaned again. Sadly, the attempt to repair the fractured back leg wasn’t possible and she had to have her leg amputated. With laser treatment and the necessary follow-up care, Letsatsi was soon again able to walk (or hop) about with the nearly 400 other cats currently at the Lucky Lucy Foundation’s premises.

On the 2nd of March 2024 Letsatsi – now known as Lali – joined her amazing family. Words aren’t enough to describe how very proud and grateful we are at this moment to the Swart family for giving this special girl the chance to have her forever family.

We often get asked why we give these ones a chance when we can rescue cats that need less attention and finances. People are astonished when they learn that a three-legged cat is just as perfect as a four-legged one. Well, this story says it all... there’s no greater and bigger reward than to see them living a normal life – spreading joy, love and hope wherever they go. This is the reason why every life is worth just as much as another. Some will need more care and attention, but this is the reason why the Lucky Lucy Foundation was established – to give hope to the ones that will never be given a chance by others.

Jacolene & Jaco Swart, Lali’s new owners, share...

We heard about the Lucky Lucy Foundation via another rescue organisation and decided one day on our way back home from a weekend – why not check it out? So, we did! What an experience it was to see so many cats, all with different personalities, ages, colours and disabilities. We spent hours walking about and giving love to all the cats, but our hearts went to Lali (then named Letsatsi), the three-legged kitty who was sitting quietly by the door. We decided on the day that this was the baby we wanted.

We brought her home a week after our visit after completing the necessary house checks, and she just adapted so beautifully and quickly, even with us having a Boston Terrier puppy (named Stella) in the house. Luckily, Stella is acquainted with cats and immediately felt like she had a new friend! Via cautious, controlled and gentle introduction, Stella and Lali are now best friends, even after Lali’s history with dogs. In fact, while there are tons of pet beds in the house to choose from, they’ll sleep in the same one. Lali absolutely loves the enclosed garden area and spends hours playing with leaves or sticks, bathing in the sun and being lazy with Stella.

We believe that the “broken” cats also deserve a home. Just because they’re a little bit different doesn’t mean that they’re not worth it. Their abilities will amaze you, as they can do everything a “normal” cat does. Our hearts are warm and full, our home is happy, and three-legged Lali is now living a beautiful life with her best friend, Stella.

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