Magnificent Maya

9th Jun, 2021

Written by Sue Beadon, Secretary SPCA Boksburg

Professional photography by VividLenz

Maya was a spectacular Husky cross pup with the most piercing blue eyes. She and her brother were surrendered to the Boksburg SPCA in December 2019.

Both were beautiful; she had much darker colouring than her brother did as he had more cream in his fur. Of course, with those looks, Maya and her brother were both adopted by lovely families within a matter of days after arriving at the SPCA.

Maya’s adoptive family brought her in regularly “to visit” on her vaccination dates, and it seemed Maya just got prettier (and bigger!) with each visit. A typical Husky pup, Maya was a very demanding and high-energy girl.

Unfortunately, the family which adopted her worked during the day and so were only able to exercise her on weekends. Left alone all day and with oodles of unspent energy, Maya began getting up to all kinds of mischief. This only worsened as she got older and bigger.

The family realised that Maya needed a different type of home – one that they were unable to offer her. So, they made the very brave and considered decision – even though they were heartbroken – to surrender Maya back to the Boksburg SPCA, thus allowing her to find a family with the time and space to devote to Maya and her high energy needs. Although having an adopted animal brought back is always devastating for animal welfares, it was the best choice for Maya.

It was such a happy ending for Maya and relief for us and her first adoptive family when the Ross family came in to meet and adopt her. Magnificent Maya couldn’t have found a more perfect second family to join. This is a true happily-ever-after story!

Jenny Ross, Maya’s new owner, shares…

What was one of the best things to come from South Africa’s lockdown in 2020? Well, as one of the many families that decided to adopt an animal from a shelter during those early months of the Covid-19 pandemic, our answer would definitely be: the dog that we welcomed into our home. Adopting Maya, our adorable Husky- Sheepdog cross, was the highlight of our year. We call her our Sheepsky or our Fluffsky!

We’ve always been animal lovers and have had the privilege of having cats, dogs, and an African Grey parrot as part of our family. Sadly, in 2018, we lost one of our dear furry family members, Chelsea, a beautiful Bearded Collie. We were sure that we’d never take on more pets after her heart-breaking passing.

However, in June 2020, a family friend and fellow animal lover, Angela Horwell, tagged us in a post featuring a picture of Maya, who was up for adoption at the Boksburg SPCA. In her tag, she said that Maya reminded her of Chelsea.

I thought Maya was beautiful and went to show my son, Dean, her picture. He made me call the SPCA immediately and we arranged to meet her that same day.

It was love at first sight for us when we saw Maya but we were concerned that our other two doggies – Panda, a Bearded Collie, and Ollie, a feisty and cheeky Jack Russell – would not feel the same way.

So, the next step was for them to meet her. We crossed our fingers in the hope that they’d like her too! But, to our dismay, when we took them to meet Maya at the SPCA, Ollie wasn’t impressed with her at all and kept growling at her, while Panda, who is 11 years old and known as Mr Grumpy, just ignored her.

Our hearts sank. Maya was so lovely…but how was she going to get on with our two boys?

Luckily, Dean suggested that we ask the SPCA if they could bring Maya to our house to see how Panda and Ollie would react to her in their home environment. At first, we kept them on a leash – Panda was unfazed but Ollie was extremely jealous and wanted to bite her. “Oh no! There go our adoption plans,” we thought.

But then we decided to remove the leashes and suddenly Ollie wasn’t so brave anymore!

At that moment, a beautiful friendship began to form. Maya and Ollie chased each other around the garden for hours and hours! Naturally, there were a few altercations between them in the beginning and, in trying to separate them, Dean and I were bitten once or twice. Fortunately, Maya with her beautiful nature, was insistent that Ollie would be her playmate and now they’re inseparable. She loves bopping him on the head with her long legs!

And now… she’s part of our family!

Maya can’t wait for our morning walks to the park – and by walk, I mean dragging one of us behind her like a plough. Our goofy fluffball is super strong, runs like a racehorse and has the agility of a cheetah. Tarryn, my daughter, and Dean run with her sometimes. Maya’s favourite toy is her rope, and she enjoys a good game of tug-of-war. Ollie just hangs on for dear life. Playing with Maya is certainly a good workout! She also loves water and swims in the pool every day. It’s quite a challenge keeping the house clean, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

She loves to cuddle on the couch, and she and Ollie follow me wherever I go.

You’ll notice from the photos that our gorgeous Fluffsky has changed quite a bit from when we adopted her. Her fur’s become lighter and she’s grown a lot – she’s really tall with long legs. But what has remained is her piercing blue eyes.

Maya brings so much joy to our lives; we’re so grateful that we were the lucky family chosen to adopt her!

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