Nesquick and Lola

3rd May, 2024

Lola (right) and Nesquick (left)

Written by Jenny Shone

Photography by Alan Shone and Pam Bezuidenhout

Everyone always says that Nesquick and Lola were so lucky to come and live with us. I always feel that WE are the lucky ones to have had these two amazing puppies come into our family.

It all started when I’d just lost one of my very special Huskies and was feeling so depressed. I just needed someone to heal some of the hurt I was feeling in my heart and bring me some joy. I asked a friend of mine if they had any Husky puppies at the Husky Rescue South Africa.

She immediately sent me a photograph of Nesquick and told me that she was eight months old and was being kept at Nordic Rescue in Tarlton. I immediately arranged to go and meet her. On arrival at Nordic, we found Nesquick jumping up against the fencing of her kennel area. She was so excited and desperate to go out and play. We then let her out into their big play area that each dog was taken to and allowed to run around for a short while every day. Nesquick went crazy and ran around jumping and playing. She was so happy to be out of her kennel area.

We decided on the spot to adopt her. However, we had to wait a full week for her to be spayed before we could bring her home. It was the longest week of my life!

It was only a few days after getting Nesquick home that another friend of mine, Joanne van Niekerk, who runs Husky Rescue SA, called me and told me that she’d just rescued a little Border Collie/Husky puppy and was desperately needing to find the perfect home for her. Enter Lola.

A few days later we went to meet Lola. She was so tiny, and when she saw us, she came straight up to me and sat next to me with her head on my lap the entire time while we were having tea. There was no question – Lola had adopted me.

However, as we were going away for a few days, we had to wait until we returned from our trip before fetching her and bringing her home. I couldn’t wait for our trip to end so that we could go home and fetch Lola, and I actually shortened our trip by two days so that we could bring her home.

Lola had been living with a couple in Mpumalanga and the lady decided that she couldn’t keep her as a puppy “was too much trouble”. Joanne told me that the little pup hadn’t been very well looked after.

Needless to say, both puppies got on extremely well right from the start, and the other two dogs, Gabriel and Sherlock, just love them.

Nesquick and Lola had successfully healed all our hearts from the loss of Layla (although I’ll always miss her). These puppies have brought so much fun, laughter, love and chaos into the home.

Lola turned out to be a real little mermaid and just loves water. We even had to install a special little pond for her to swim in. Nesquick, on the other hand, has turned into quite the little yap-aholic and yaps at anything that moves.

Apart from the TV remotes, clothes, dish cloths, ornaments, electronic tablet, bedding, towels, phone chargers and many other things that they’ve eaten, they’ve brought so much love and fun into the home, and Gabriel and Sherlock are really enjoying having youngsters to play with and to boss around.

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