26th Jun, 2024

Written by Jess Levitt, Feline Adoptions Co-Ordinator – Rescue is Life

Professional photography by Des Featherstone Photography

Pengu was just five weeks old when he was surrendered to Rescue is Life from a family in Lost City, Tafelsig. He was in good condition, but his back legs were malformed. We assisted his original family in having the mom cat sterilised and assured them that we’d do our absolute best by Pengu.

Pengu also went straight to our special-care foster, Jane Blyth. She took him to our amazing vets at Peninsula Vet who did x-rays, and we found out that the femur bones in his back legs were actually backwards!

But this didn’t stop Pengu.

This boy is as mobile as ever and has a huge zest for life. He’s a playful and affectionate boy and manages to get up and down the furniture with very little difficulty.

After posting for a special home for about a week, Juliette Halse got in touch with us and immediately we knew it was the right fit. Her home was already equipped with special steps and ramps from her previous three-legged kitty.

Juliette, Pengu’s new owner, shares...

My reason for getting Pengu: My 18-year-old, three-legged Tabby cat passed away a few weeks before and I’d told a friend who fostered animals to keep her eyes open as, in the future, I’d definitely adopt another special needs cat as they are the best, plus I already had the experience and steps, etc.

When she saw the post about Pengu, she shared it with me. I instantly fell in love and within the week he was part of my family.

I’d already adopted another rescue, Pumpkin, who’s five months old. She wasn’t happy sharing me for the first few days, but soon Pumpkin and Pengu became partners in crime.

Pengu has some challenges but hasn’t once made a mistake and missed the kitty litter box. He can climb curtains and keep up with Pumpkin as they chase each other around the house at all hours.

His back legs don’t have much support but he does try, otherwise he just uses his front legs to run fast.

He sits/hangs on my shoulder each morning when I go to make coffee and enjoys being up and able to see what his sister, who can climb up on counters (which he can’t), is doing.

If you’re sitting down, he’ll be on your shoulder under your hair within a few minutes and is the most cuddliest little thing I’ve ever known!

I do worry about his hips in the future, but for now I just make sure there are a lot of cushions around as he does tend to forget he has steps and ramps and just runs and jumps.

Adopting him has been a delight!

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