Zoro, the Best of the Best

27th Mar, 2024

Written by Mico Price

Professional photography by Framed Media  

If Zoro wasn’t a dog he’d be a tennis player, the likes of Nadal, or a fielder better then Jonty Rhodes, a swimmer better then Ryk, and a sprinter faster than Bolt.

We got Zoro in 2006 from Boksburg SPCA, when he was just three months old. He was a tiny little fluff ball with ears almost as big as his body.

He soon showed his tennis-ball talents and love for swimming. In 2008, the SPCA ran a newspaper competition for the best ex-SPCA dog, and it gave us an opportunity to show off our wonderful dog. Zoro was named the winner and had his moment of fame in the Boksburg Advertiser.

Our lives revolved around our dogs, making sure that any holiday we went on, they could come along. From long car rides and aeroplane flights to boat trips and fishing adventures. We even planned a second honeymoon so that they could have a getaway too.

Zoro used to love going with us to the Vaal Dam for fishing competitions and was in the water helping to net every fish. His tennis ball being his favourite companion and entertainment, playing nonstop with or without our involvement.

Over the years, we’ve discovered some amazing pet-friendly destinations countrywide, and he loves our annual trip to his favourite holiday destination, St Francis Bay.

Zoro grew up with comfort and spoils, from sleeping with me in my bed, which progressed to my husband’s and my bed when we bought our house.

When our children came along, we were determined to keep the dogs as big a part of our lives as they always were of ours. Zoro was involved in all bath-time activities, constantly stealing bath toys and licking their soapy faces. Our girls have grown up with them and developed their own passion and love for animals.

Zoro is 18 years old now and his hearing and sight aren’t what they once were, but his sense of smell is still amazing. He’s had to slow down over the years, but when it’s time for food, he goes back into puppy mode.

He’s our champion, companion and most loved boy.

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