4th Apr, 2024

Written by Lu Nell

Professional photography by Jackie Wernberg Photography

That Saturday started like Saturdays often do... A trip to the mall to grab some cupboard necessities, followed by a drive back home to do the tidying and unpacking. Enter a small brown dog, stage left.

There she was running in the traffic, trying desperately to follow random humans somewhere. I stopped my car and she jumped right in; sitting pretty and beautifully upright on the backseat, looking out the window. She wasn’t chipped or spayed. She was just another small brown dog needing a home.

Enter the amazing Paulette from PlumPets Animal Shelter, who helped me adopt this lovely small brown dog. I named her Mimi (which means ears in Japanese), as she has the most peculiar small, triangular-shaped ears that sit basically on top of her head. In retrospect, her name is actually perfect and should be “Me Me”, as it’s all about her... and having fun. Mimi has brought a sense of generosity, playfulness and an incredible amount of fun to my pack of older rescue dogs.

Her ears and tail had me super puzzled, though. Is there Sharpei in there somewhere? Definitely some Africanis... And so, at Christmas time, it seemed like a great gift to both her and me to figure out more of her lineage. I’d had multiple dogs tested by MuttMix over the years, and I’d found details of the breed mix super helpful when training and also feeding and caring for the dog in question. We waited with much anticipation and were completely gobsmacked by her results.

Mimi’s MuttMix Results

        Level 2         Belgian Malinois

        Level 3         Staffordshire Bull Terrier

        Level 4         Chinese Crested

        Level 4         Papillion

Her most significant “mix” is Belgian Malinois, which is a million miles from what I was expecting! Followed by Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

These results have made me look at Mimi with new eyes. I’m noticing how athletic she is. How great and precise her sit is. How quick she is to train, and how powerful and determined she can be. It’s been such an amazing experience having her tested, and I’m so looking forward to her growing into the amazing dog she’s meant to be.

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