BowHaus Doggy Day-Care

16th Jul, 2019

Written by Carien von Backstrom

Day care services in the Western Cape are plentiful; not so much though for the four-legged children. 

Claire Mariotti is a person with an extreme passion for animals. In 2016 she decided to swop her corporate career for her passion and started BowHaus Doggy Day-Care and Sleepover Centre in Cape Town.

Yep, you guessed right, this is a day care service for your four-legged babies. Here they can come and spend the day with friends whilst being fed and spoilt and actively playing and receiving lots of enrichment.

This day care and sleepover centre offers a very unique service to its clientele. Day care service hours are from 07:00 to 18:30 daily, and 09:30 to 15:30 on weekends and public holidays. Late or early pick-ups and drop-offs can be made by arrangement, and doggy shuttle services are available within a 10-kilometre radius of the facility. BowHaus offers a sleepover facility for short or long stays with 24-hour on-site management. BowHaus will be their home away from home, where they can dream big, stay happy and be safe.

BowHaus caters for the needs of all dogs, irrespective of size, gender or breed. Upon the first appointment, an evaluation is done of your pet. After a fair assessment, a necessary determination can be made to establish which activity group would be the best fit for your dog. Even if the animal doesn’t pass the evaluation, BowHaus will also assist you in this matter. They’re able to recommend suitable avenues to help to get your pet fit for day care or recommend alternatives.

BowHaus was renovated specifically to be fit for purpose, and because of this they’re able to cater for a variety of dogs with different needs.

If your beloved pet is not quite as active as his/her counterparts, or has specific health ailments, this is no hindrance. Special care is taken to also include these types of dogs at the facility. The aim of this is to work with the parents and necessary qualified staff to assist the animal to improve on his/her health, as well as mental well-being.  

A specific daily routine is followed at BowHaus to ensure a holistic approach to your dog’s care and well-being. 

The facility is based in Woodstock, with space covering approximately 1800m2

Various packages are available, depending on the need of the client. You can visit their website to get the best option available for your budget. 

BowHaus also gives back to their own; they provide assistance to Sidewalk Specials ( and Oscar’s Arc WOOF Project ( through their foster assist programme.

Staff members are identified and recruited according to specific requirements of the company. Further training is then also provided to these staff members to help keep them on par with pet care. Job shadowing is the final step in the training and development process to ensure all members are the best of the best. So rest assured, your beloved pet is in good hands!

Other services such as baths, brushing and nails are also provided. For more specialised doggy parlour treatments, a concierge service is available to make appointments and arrange transport to Jeni’s Pet Parlour, the undisputed grooming authority in Cape Town. The concierge service can also help take the stress out of vet visits; they can help you take care of deworming, annual vaccinations, or any other niggles whilst your pooch is at day care, paw-in-paw with Citivet Gardens.

Claire and her team dedicate their days to loving and caring for your four-legged friends. Making use of their facilities will be the best gift of love you can give your babies! With hordes of happy clients, one thing’s for sure: BowHaus really is all about the dogs!

To get in touch with BowHaus Doggy Day-Care, call (021) 447 4504, pop in at 21 Barron Street, Woodstock, Cape Town, visit or follow them on Facebook or Instagram