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8th Jun, 2021

Wulf, LittleAngels’ Pet Nutrition Brand Ambassador

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Written by Megan Phillips, LittleAngels Pet Nutrition

Are you struggling to find a solution to your pets’ ailments? Are the itchy skin, sensitive tummy, joint issues and constant vet visits costing you too much money? Are you a parent to a pet with itchy skin, bloating, flatulence, hot spots, diabetes, kidney disease, UTIs, poor digestion, poor weight control, lack of energy and vitality?

Have you ever considered diet to be a solution or the cause to the problem? Or perhaps you’ve already changed brands of pet food and still not seen a major difference in your pet’s issues. Then it’s time you considered a fresh food diet.

Research-based nutrition

LittleAngels Pet Nutrition was started in 2017 in Venusha Moodley-Nirmal’s kitchen, after being told that her pets would be on cortisone for the rest of their lives… which possibly wouldn’t last more than a year.

Venusha refused to take “no” for an answer. She researched other options which resulted in her looking at their diet. Being a microbiologist and cellular biologist with the understanding of the complexities of small animal anatomy and physiology, she was able to formulate a diet for her pets which ultimately saved their lives.

Today, all her pets are over five years old and in optimal condition, particularly considering that they have autoimmune diseases.

Helping pet parents

Venusha decided to quit her job in order to start a business helping pet parents navigate the world of pet nutrition and to raise awareness about the benefits of fresh foods in the diet.

The business manufactures raw pet food for cats and dogs. Venusha also conducts online consultations for specific cases so that a tailor-made diet can be formulated. She has great success with conditions such as kidney disease, diabetes, and itchy skin.

The online services entail consultations, meal plans for cooked and raw food (where you can source your own ingredients and prep/cook at home), evaluation of the current home diet (so that you can be sure it’s correct for your pet), as well as support and guidance to clients over email and WhatsApp. The raw pet food is available in Durban, Hillcrest, Pretoria, Krugersdorp and Benoni, with courier service to your door to all other areas nationwide.

Learn more

LittleAngels Pet Nutrition has a huge social media following, and you can find tips and information about how you can improve your pet’s longevity through diet on both the Facebook and Instagram pages. Venusha does bi-monthly free LIVE videos on Facebook to assist parents with specific issues.

She’s never shy to chat about your pet’s poop, which is usually the focus of the consults (what comes out is a very good indication of what’s happening internally). Clients are amazed to hear that her pets (4 - 6kg in weight) only poop once every three days due to a high-protein diet without carbohydrates which ensures that the body uses every nutrient, rather than it going straight to waste.

For more information about LittleAngels Pet Nutrition, call or WhatsApp Venusha on 076 143 2959, email her at, follow on Facebook or visit

Testimonial 1: Sophie

Sophie was a mother cat rescued with a litter, one of which stayed with her at the adoptive home. She was in a bad state; her coat condition was very poor and lacklustre, she was constantly itchy, and had sores/lesions on her body. Sophie’s mum scheduled a consult with Venusha a few months ago and they worked on getting Sophie transitioned to raw, as well as starting the specific supplements recommended by Venusha.

Within a few months, the change was nothing short of miraculous. Not only did Sophie’s coat improve but her demeanour and energy levels also improved as she was feeling better from within. She has no more sores/lesions and doesn’t itch anymore either. Her coat is soft and feels like cashmere. It truly is amazing what a diet change can do!

Testimonial 2: Max

Max is a senior dog who was rescued a few years ago. She suffered from severe hot spots and itchiness that led to sores and scabs. The only medication that made any difference was cortisone, which would work for two weeks… and then the hot spots recurred. Numerous shampoos and supplements were tried, as well as a host of prescription dry foods. With no end to Max’s issues in sight, her mum called Venusha as a last resort. After a consultation was conducted, Venusha advised a diet and custom supplement plan for Max.

A change could be seen within two weeks, and two months later, Max is a different dog. Despite being a senior dog, she has oodles of energy and her skin is no longer an issue. The diet also helped her to lose some excess weight and she’s healthy and lean.

The focus for Max’s healing was to ensure that inflammation was reduced in the body and the gut microbiome was healed. Venusha accomplishes this through natural food that you’d already have at home, as well as some supplements.

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