Making Rescues Fashionable

12th Oct, 2021

Professional photography by Emma O’Brien 

The Sushi and Panda Foundation, named after two of the founder’s dogs, is a registered non-profit animal welfare organisation. Their primary focus is on going into underprivileged areas to sterilise, vaccinate, and treat the animals in need, while educating and assisting their owners on pet care. The organisation also aims to improve the living conditions of the animals, as well as take in, rehabilitate, and rehome any animals that are abandoned, neglected, abused or unwanted.

Getting glam to raise awareness

They’ve now launched their newest campaign to “Make Rescues Fashionable” by photographing their rescue dogs in high-end designer scarves from the likes of Gucci, Hermes, Burberry, Valentino, and Louis Vuitton.

These incredible images will be turned into their stylish 2022 calendar, the proceeds of which will go towards their outreach programmes. Featured in these images are founder Megan Taylor with her fiancée, Ty van der Waal, and their three adorable dogs, Sushi, Panda, and Nala (who was rescued at one of their outreach programmes). They’re making a bold statement and posing with designer scarves to launch their new initiative and to get people talking about it.

The mission is to change the public’s perception around rescue dogs by showcasing their glamorous, sought-after side (which, of course, they are). In raising awareness, the organisation hopes to increase the number of animals adopted nationwide. 

One of a kind

The reality is that hundreds of animals sit in shelters around South Africa, with the majority of them never finding a home to call their own. Most people don’t even look at adopting but rather opt to buy an animal instead.

The Sushi and Panda Foundation aims to open the public’s mind to the idea of visiting animal shelters and considering pet adoption instead. Rescue animals truly are all one of a kind – no two are the same. This new campaign will emphasise how special and unique each one really is.

So, let’s share it, talk about it, and spread the word. Together, we can make rescues fashionable!

For more information, contact Megan Taylor on 082 905 0277 and follow The Sushi and Panda Foundation on social on Facebook or on Instagram sushi_and_panda_the_frenchies.


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