8th Mar, 2022

Photo credit: Liam Nichele

Written by Pia-angela Quaroni-Klem – Founder of Re-Sale Therapy

(Photography supplied by the author)

In a country that has an unemployment rate as high as South Africa’s, one is bound to come across poverty each and every day. When the people are suffering from poverty and hunger, due to a staggering economy, it’s inevitable that the animals of our country will be hit the worst. The pandemic that enveloped us all did nothing but inflame an already dire situation. For this reason, Re-Sale Therapy NPC was grateful to already be in its sixth year, and going strong, which meant that we were in a position to help.

Junk to gems

Re-Sale Therapy was established in 2014 with a main objective to help animals by using people’s “junk”. Already back then, the economy wasn’t doing well, and after seeing so many organisations reaching out on social media and begging for financial help, I knew there had to be a better way.

I knew that even though I had a full-time job, I could only give so much of my income away. And if that’s how I was feeling, as an animal lover, how on earth could one convince a person who’s not really charitable to give away their hard-earned cash? And what about those who desperately wanted to help but didn’t have the finances to do it? And so, Re-Sale Therapy NPC was born!

Unless it’s an emergency situation, such as urgent medical care, puppy and kitten milk, food for a desperate rescue situation, we try not to ask for cash. Obviously, there ARE situations where only cash will do – and over the years there have been a good few – but the whole concept of Re-Sale if that you donate anything that you no longer want, need or use, that can still be used, or is of use. And we always say “ANYTHING” because we’ll never say no. We’re grateful for any and every item that crosses our path. The old adage, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, has never been truer.

Treasure hunting

We sort through the donations, searching for the treasures that we know will earn us some much-needed funds. We try not to throw anything away either. What we can’t use, we pay forward to homeless people, informal settlements, shack-fire victims – basically to anyone who can see a value or a use in it. It’s very hard to care for the animals in need and just ignore the people who own them.

Many animals in this country are starving but have owners. One must imagine, if the animal is starving, very often the owner is too, as they’ve fallen on hard times. Therefore, if we can help with a pair of old shoes and socks while we supply the dog food, why not?

What we can sell will make it to our online shop on Facebook. We’ve always used Facebook as our place to sell as this reduces costs. If we don’t have to pay for web design and hosting, we can use the money where it’s really needed – on the animals. We have regulars who’ve shopped with us from the beginning of time, going on eight years now. Our shoppers are, obviously, also our donors, the people without whom the page wouldn’t exist.

There’s nothing fancy about our system. There are no pretty boxes and packaging in which you’ll receive your parcel. Once again, it’s all donations that are used. Recycled boxes and packaging also supplied by our supporters.

Funds for fur kids

Animal rescue is a business. There’s the hands-on work, being out in the field, and then there’s the admin, marketing and managing side of it. As a person, I’m not able to physically work day in and day out seeing neglect and abuse, so, instead, I raise funds for the angels who take on that burden. I always correct people and point out that I’m in animal charity, not rescue, but still, rescues are always somewhere around me, whether I’m being a foster, a kennel, an animal taxi or whatever’s needed. When there’s an emergency, you’re everything, including the fundraiser.

To date, Re-sale Therapy has donated tens of thousands of Rands to animal rescues and towards abandoned animals. We’re proud to have helped with surgical and veterinary bills of many abuse cases. We regularly do drives for blankets, collars, leashes, and tick-and-flea treatments for animals in informal settlements. And let’s not forget our annual doggy jacket fundraiser, which helps keep many a dog warm during the colder winter months.

Last year we were able, thanks to a very kind supporter overseas, to set up our own website and e-commerce shop, Our site domain was purchased, and the hosting was paid for 24 months. Next came a quick “how-to” binge on YouTube and the site was built. Again, in true Re-Sale style, it’s nothing fancy, but it’s another way for us to sell and to get exposure. On our site, we have a blog where we regularly post (time permitting) about what we’ve been up to, whom we’ve helped, and so forth.

People make the difference

With so many people living on tight budgets, we try motivating people to donate and to shop. We use regular competitions and prizes to entice our supporters and also to grow our following. I often sit back and think that a page with just a handful of followers has managed to achieve so much over the years and change so many lives, and for that I’m eternally grateful. I’m merely the vehicle that allows the work to be done; I know very well that the reason this NPC can, and has, made such a difference, is purely because of our supporters. We could have the best website, an amazing Facebook page, but without the followers, it would mean nothing. Because of them, not only do we divert thousands of household items and clothing from going to landfill, they allow us to fund our important and never-ending work of improving the lives of animals in South Africa.

Thank you for reading, thank you for supporting, and thank you for caring!


The best way to support us (and, thus, the animals) is simply by enjoying some Re-Sale Therapy online shopping!

We receive physical donations in Gauteng and sell to the whole country. We have three or four drop-off points in Gauteng, with our base being in Randburg. Unfortunately, we currently don’t have collection vehicles and are unable to collect donations, nor do we have a fleet of drivers and volunteers. This restricts our efforts a lot, as we understand that donating becomes more challenging when people have to load up their car and deliver it themselves. We’re very grateful to everyone who makes that extra effort in order to make a difference.

Therefore, we ask people to get in touch via email (, and we’ll do our best to network and get assistance from the public. If you can assist with collections, please get in touch too.

Just in case someone is feeling super generous and gets the urge to donate cash, for which we’re eternally grateful, we have a PayPal link on our website, or you can EFT directly to:

        Re-Sale Therapy NPC

        First National Bank

        Cresta Mall

        Business Cheque Account


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