Love, laughter and one loopy dog

31st Mar, 2017

Illustration courtesy of Jenny Lamont

In which DD ponders her life shared with fur kids and staying sane

Living with animals certainly keeps one’s day filled with laughter, especially when it comes to our Sheba. She is one of those dogs that are just plain goofy… she is the Jim Carrey (circa the 1990s) of dogs. She does a great goofy look, behaves in a one-kibble-short-of-a-bowl-way, and is always up to something. Sometimes I swear she does it all on purpose – the doggie clown of the cottage for sure! 

Earlier she was trying to entice The Dad into an early game of ball (he was having none of it; he was about to go out) and her enticement antics were hilarious. She pushes all the right buttons to get what she wants, from The Paw to The Loving Nuzzle, The Pitiful Whine and The Pathetic Sigh to BOTH paws, sitting pretty, down-stay, and – as a last resort – rolling over and grinning from ear to ear. I have promised her I will have a game of ball with them when I am finished; she and Sammy are eagerly waiting for me.

The moment I stop typing for longer than two minutes, they will leap up from the door where they are watching the world go by, run to the kitchen, and stare fixedly at the cupboard where their balls are kept… just in case I’ve forgotten where they are. No wonder they’re completely bushed at the end of the day and collapse in a heap in the coolest spot they can find.

Last night, James stood on Sammy! It was not intentional – not that that saved him from getting the Angry Eyes from everyone. After he had put Aaron to sleep he lay and watched TV for a bit. Later he turned the TV off and headed across the passage to our room. He says that in the pitch dark, as he stepped, he felt something soft and squishy underfoot and jumped back, but it was too late... he had stood on Sammy, who was lying across Aaron’s doorway. She yelped like crazy (mind you, she does overact by nature – drama queen) and then with his other foot he was standing on her captured vest, so she couldn’t run away – well, she could but she refused to let go of the vest she was holding firmly in her mouth. Needless to say, all this commotion woke Sheba and me and The Twins and we all went dashing to see what was going on. Finally freed, Sammy ran to me with her vest to tell me all about the “evil dad”, LOL. Meanwhile, poor James had gotten such a fright himself. Finally, the hubbub died down and everyone went back to sleep – and I then lay awake for hours wondering what my life was like before animals… or, um… men!

Life shared with cats, on the other hand, is a whole different “ball game” (excuse the pun). Or maybe it’s just my cats? Seemingly, The Twins (our Siamese-mix cats named Arty and Lewie) have totally bought into the whole nocturnal thing. They sleep ALL day and then play outside ALL night. Thankfully they stay close to home, either in our garden or, more often than not, in our neighbour’s garden, where they generally cause strop with any unsuspecting insect, dare each other to catch a hadedah, or take on each other. At three this morning, while the rest of the world was sleeping (or in my case, trying to sleep), they were chasing and tussling each other in the middle of the back garden, clearly having an absolute hoot. I am so glad I adopted both of them – they really spend a lot of time together and it is so sweet to watch them. I think one may have been rather lonely...

And now it’s time for a game of ball, and Sammy, who clearly has read my mind (or my typed words from her position on the bed behind me?), has run off to stare at her ball through the cupboard. Let’s go, girls!