Go Team Maggie

12th Oct, 2016

Written by Karen Carr (who adopted Maggie) and photography by Strike a Pose Photography

The story of Maggie, a rescued bait Pit Bull who finally started knowing love on the 23rd of May, 2016

Saved from death’s doorstep

Following a call from a passerby, the Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW) https://www.facebook.com/clawsouthafrica rescued Maggie from a roadside in Soweto where she’d been lying in a ditch, allegedly for a few days.

The area is infamous for dog fights. What CLAW director Cora Bailey saw shocked her to the core: the white-and-brindle Pit Bull lay near death, emaciated, hypothermic and severely dehydrated, one foreleg gone from just below the shoulder, the other lame. Her jaw had clearly been broken and several teeth were missing, the fragments still embedded in her gums, and her head was misshapen. She was covered in scars, particularly on her head and shoulders, all sadly consistent with having been used in dog fighting.

She was rushed to CLAW’s clinic at Durban Deep where she was attended to by Dr Kati Loeffler, who immediately administered pain relief before any discussion was had about what the next step would be. While Cora and Dr Loeffler spoke, the dog, incredibly, was wagging her tail. The decision was made instantly: CLAW would do everything they could to save this dog, whom they named Maggie. First, Maggie was stabilised and treated for infection and dehydration; only once she was strong enough could surgery to amputate the infected remains of her leg be considered. Maggie had plenty of spirit and it wasn’t long before she underwent surgery to remove her right forelimb at Horizon Park Animal Clinic.

From victim to ambassador – and family member

Despite her horrific injuries, having spent three nights in the freezing cold, and her terrible past abuse, this amazing dog recovered. And her tail never stopped wagging, no matter what. She was fed soft food and given oodles of attention, every bit of which she lapped up. It was a matter of days before she stood up on her three legs and began hobbling around.

We first saw Maggie on a CLAW Facebook post and we knew we never wanted her to feel unloved again.

I met her that Friday, in a sunny spot at CLAW at Durban Deep; she was at that stage still fearful of other dogs and some people. But, after eating a whole chicken, she stood and walked – or should I say bounced – for the first time. Cora Bailey suggested that Robyn Eshelby (Farm Girls) transition Maggie from CLAW to our home.  

Maggie was with Robyn for two magical weeks of firsts: tail wags, licks, walks, socialising, even shopping trips, where Robyn and her family took all of Maggie’s fears and turned them into love and trust.

On Friday the 17th of July, Maggie arrived home to us. She is such a good girl, wanting only to please. We have learnt so much from her about forgiveness, perseverance and, most of all, how love can change everything.

She has captured so many hearts with her own Facebook page – Go Team Maggie https://www.facebook.com/goteammaggie  – where her fans get to see her grow and live the best life. Maggie has met celebrities, been in the news, and is a true ambassador for rescued dogs, helping to raise awareness about animal rescue and dog fighting.

Please support those who rescued Maggie and who work tirelessly to put an end to dog fighting.

Says Medipet, “We are thrilled to have Maggie as part of the Medipet Family, and are staunch supporters of her anti-dog fighting campaign.”