John Moore Animal Welfare

7th Jan, 2019

Left to right: Prince Dzotizei, Alexandra van As, Dr Helen Mc Lean and Dr Melissa Sussens

Written by Dr Melissa Sussens – Compulsory Community Service Vet, Robertson

At the heart of the Western Cape Wine Route lies the small town of Robertson, often referred to as “the valley of wine and roses”. But alongside the tourist-friendly sights and heritage are some impoverished communities in desperate need of help with the companion animals.    

The John Moore Animal Welfare is a non-profit community veterinary clinic (CVC) started by Dr Helen McLean in October 2017 with the dream of making a difference to the dogs and cats in these less fortunate communities in Robertson and its surrounds.

Named after a true animal lover

The welfare is aptly named after Dr Helen’s late brother-in-law, John Moore, who was tragically killed by a Wildebeest, along with his father, Mike, whilst hiking near their home farmlands. These two men died protecting John’s mother and sister who were present during the attack. They lived and died as heroes.

John was an animal lover and generous to the core. He supported many animal charities, and we hope to honour him every day through this foundation.

Reaching out in Robertson

John Moore Animal Welfare aims to provide veterinary services, focusing on sterilisation and vaccination. We run two monthly vaccination and primary animal health care clinics in two low-income communities in Robertson – Bo Dorp and Nkqubela – with the help of a compulsory community service vet, Dr Melissa Sussens.

Here we offer vaccinations, deworming, tick and flea control and basic veterinary advice for dogs and cats at affordable rates.

We’re hoping to increase this to four clinics a month, as demand for our services is rapidly growing amongst these communities. So far, we’re proud to have vaccinated 226 dogs with the standard 5-in-1 vaccine, 247 animals against rabies, and 67 cats with the standard 3-in-1 vaccine. On top of this, 367 animals have been dewormed and 280 have received tick control.

We focus on sterilisation as another of our goals is to massively reduce the unwanted and uncared for dog and cat population. To keep a population in check, we need to maintain a consistent and continuous presence within our community of focus. 

As part of our “Caring for Nkqubela” campaign, we offer free sterilisations for dogs and cats from the impoverished Nkqubela township; 35 animals have been sterilised by Dr Sussens so far. We partnered with Friends of Care, a McGregor-based animal welfare, to perform monthly mass sterilisation days, and so far this year our two vets have sterilised just over 100 animals.

In addition, we often help treat sick animals, and the welfare fund offers financial assistance for treatments if and where possible. Since opening, 60 animals have been treated for a variety of ailments via the John Moore Animal Welfare.

You can help!

John Moore Animal Welfare relies entirely on donations to make the difference, and all donated funds go directly into helping animals. This includes funding free sterilisations, giving us the funding to help treat sick dogs and cats, and helping us to provide primary animal health care at as low a fee as possible.

Donations can be made to:

John Moore Animal Welfare
Standard Bank
Account no: 185926649
Branch code: 051001
Swift no: SBZAZ

For more information on the John Moore Animal Welfare, what we do and how you can help us make a difference, like our Facebook page or find us at Cornerstone Veterinary Services, 29 Truter St, Robertson.