Kleinmond Animal Welfare Society

7th Sep, 2020

Written by Adene Pringle – Volunteer, KAWS

The Kleinmond Animal Welfare Society, known to everyone as KAWS, started its journey in 2001. Yvonne Pretorius, a resident of the small coastal town of Kleinmond, near Hermanus, identified a desperate need for an animal welfare that would provide primary veterinary healthcare to animals from the disadvantaged communities in the region.

In doing so, animal populations would be curbed through sterilisation, parasites controlled, and disease prevented through vaccination. KAWS also provides a sanctuary and safe haven for unwanted, mistreated and neglected pets until we’re able to place them in safe, loving homes.

KAWS is a non-profit organisation that serves the areas of Rooi Els, Pringle Bay, Betty’s Bay, Kleinmond and Salandra.

The KAWS mission and values

  • To be an independent, proactive welfare society that provides leadership in establishing acceptable standards of humane animal care and treatment.
  • To monitor and achieve compliance with the Animal Welfare Act and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve requirements, through inspections, clinics, education and co-operative efforts.
  • To improve the lot of animals efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • To control the breeding and the numbers of domestic animals through intense sterilisation programmes.
  • To promote public participation through volunteer opportunities.

We take ownership of our values by always doing our very best, by being compassionate, understanding, generous, showing respect to everyone and by being passionate, determined and successful!

Fundraising and donations keep KAWS going

KAWS runs a well-supported charity shop alongside the business of taking care of the community animals that require our assistance. The shop sells well-priced second-hand clothing, and many bargains can be found. Linens, towels and other home items are also part of the merchandise. The bookshop is well stocked with a selection of classics, as well as modern publications. Sometimes, with a bit of searching, one might even come across an out-of-print treasure. The hardware area has become extremely popular, and real bargains can be found there too.

KAWS is entirely dependent on donations – be it items to be sold in the charity shop, food for the animals in our care, or generous monetary donations from our donors when an animal requires a specialised medical procedure that’s beyond our budget. No donation is ever too little to be appreciated!

KAWS relies heavily on volunteers who so selflessly give of their time. Some assist in the shop, walk the dogs, or help with our fund-raising efforts! Others serve on the Management Committee and oversee the efficient and effective running of KAWS.

We salute all our volunteers!

KAWS would be unable to operate without the tireless, reliable and loyal staff that we’re so fortunate to employ. Our Shop Manager ensures that the shop merchandise is well displayed and that new stock is regularly unpacked onto the shelves. The Administration Officer makes sure that KAWS operates at maximum efficiency.

The Kennel Hands are the caretakers of the animals. There’s no “switching off” in this area!

The animals require daily care – food and fresh water, cleaning the enclosures, exercising the dogs and petting the cats. Not only the physical needs of the animals need to be attended to; they also require mental stimulation and emotional care.

KAWS considers its responsibilities very seriously, and everything we do is geared to making a difference in the lives of each and every animal that we encounter!

For more information, contact KAWS on 028 271 5004, email kaws@mweb.co.za, visit www.kleinmondanimalwelfaresociety.co.za or follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Kleinmond-Animal-Welfare-Society-343150299138155/