Luna Cat Rescue

8th Nov, 2021

Laura holding Sammy (female), Steffi holding Phoenix (male)

Professional photography by Mandy Freeman Photography

Luna Cat Rescue focuses exclusively on the rehabilitation and rehoming of cats and kittens surrendered to Mdzananda Animal Clinic. This foster-based organisation was founded by Steffi Bergmann and Laura Watkins in March 2021.

Khayelitsha cats

Mdzananda Animal Clinic is a non-profit animal hospital located in Khayelitsha, Cape Town’s biggest township, which treats thousands of animals every year. This severely impoverished area is home to thousands of animals in need. Scores of cats and kittens are regularly surrendered to or rescued by the organisation. Loving homes need to found for them, and many require medical care and rehabilitation. However, the clinic doesn’t have a shelter and relies on foster homes for these destitute animals.

That’s where Steffi comes in. She headed the organisation’s cat adoption and foster home programme on a voluntary basis for over two years and specialises in fostering bottle-fed kittens and kittens that need intensive care. Early in 2020, Laura joined the team and started fostering and working closely with Steffi; to date, she’s fostered many of Mdzananda’s kittens.

After working together and developing a strong friendship, the idea of Luna Cat Rescue came to life. Today, the organisation is an official Mdzananda Animal Clinic partner and a registered non-profit company (NPC 2021/468891/08) currently awaiting its NPO number.

No room at the inn

The main reason for starting an independent adoption programme specific to cats and kittens is due to Mdzananda being a clinic and not a shelter. There’s very little room for animals to stay for longer periods of time, so cats and kittens are moved into foster homes as soon as possible. Foster homes ensure they receive the care they need in a loving home environment. 

Many of these cats and kittens have experienced trauma, malnutrition, and abuse. Together with the amazing private vet practices we work with, we get them healthy and happy and then adopted to the best possible homes!

To ensure that fosters have a rewarding, happy experience, Luna Cat Rescue provides veterinary care and the knowledge needed to give these cats the second chance they deserve.

You can help Luna Cat Rescue!

Become a feline foster family!

We always need foster homes for:

  • adult cats,
  • mother cats with kittens,
  • weaned kittens, 
  • bottle-fed kittens.

(Cape Town only)

Donate funds or items!

We always need:

  • funds for private vet care and high-quality food (we only use Royal Canin),
  • soft blankets and towels for the kittens,
  • wet wipes (Johnson & Johnson or Pampers),
  • veterinary supplies (F10 disinfectant, syringes, needles, surgical gloves).

For more information on Luna Cat Rescue, please contact Steffi on 082 390 1670 or Laura on 084 405 3544, email or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @lunacatrescue.

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