Maltese, French Poodle & Yorkie Rescue South Africa

22nd Jul, 2019

Written by Tanja Henderson, Director

Professional photography by Strike a Pose Photography

Cute, cuddly little dogs are eternally popular as companion animals. But, sadly, many of them end in need of rehoming or rescuing from unacceptable circumstances. This is where Maltese, French Poodle and Yorkie Rescue South Africa comes in.

This pro-life animal shelter is based in Midrand, Johannesburg, and rescues, rehabilitates and then rehomes abused, abandoned, neglected and homeless small breed dogs. They provide a safe haven for little canine fluffies looking for homes, as well as stray or abandoned small to midsize dogs.

Eight years ago, founder and director Alda During realised that there was a dire lack of rescue organisations for small breed dogs, including Maltese Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers and French Poodles. The rescue started small, initially using foster homes, but as the number of dogs needing help increased, there were simply not enough foster homes to keep up.

Helping the little ones
The organisation now rents kennels in Midrand, where up to 60 dogs can be housed at any given time. Three salaried staff members are at the kennels to look after the dogs. Foster homes are still needed, particularly for additional older dogs or dogs with special requirements.

We work hard to try to get every dog adopted into a loving home once strict checks have been done.

All dogs are sterilised, vaccinated and microchipped as soon as they come into our care. The dogs often require specialised medical care, including dentals.  

We believe that “adoption is the only option” and that anybody looking for a new furry family member should always adopt from a shelter.

Where the dogs come from
Dogs are surrendered for various reasons, including owners emigrating, moving to old age homes or into complexes that are not pet-friendly, death of owners, and change of personal circumstances, amongst others.

We also offer a safe haven to strays and dogs from puppy mills; we often deal with the terrible results of puppy mills.

For example, we recently took in nine neglected dogs from one puppy mill, and the state they were in was extremely distressing. However, love, patience, good food and medical treatment have started these abused souls on the road to recovery.

The cost of rescue
The number of dogs being surrendered to us grows every month and runs entirely on donations. The shelter relies on the public to keep it operating as we don’t receive any government funding. Monthly expenses are in excess of R50,000, excluding vet bills. And the dogs just keep on coming...

The monthly costs include the rentals of the kennels, kennel staff wages, dog food, F10 disinfectant and general cleaning supplies, tick and flea treatment, airtime/data for kennel staff, general medication and various other sundries that are required to run rescue kennels.

The amazing Rose Pinto is one of our directors, and she keeps a close eye on our kennels to ensure that the dogs are receiving the best care possible. The rest of the day-to-day running and admin is done by a handful of volunteers – we really need to get more people involved to keep helping these dogs.

We’re also aiming to expand our social media presence via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and use GivenGain and BackaBuddy as fundraising projects.

You can’t change a dog’s past, but you can rewrite his future.
Please help us rewrite the future of all the dogs that come into our care. Every donation really does make a difference.

The feedback and pictures we receive of our doggies once they’re adopted provide the motivation we need to keep going through the tough times. It’s clear to see how happy they make their new families too.

We always need volunteers. You can help by assisting with fundraising, social media, photography and home checks. We’re also in desperate need of foster homes in Johannesburg – you need to be able to access our vet, Bergbron Animal Clinic on Gordon Road, Bergbron area, just off the N1.

Our big dream is to have our own property with enclosures built to give the dogs the best “at-home” feeling and experience while they’re waiting to be adopted.


Daily items

  • Good-quality pellets and tinned food for small breed dogs (some supporters use Takealot to deliver directly to our kennels). It’s important that it’s good quality, as this fills the little bellies properly, avoids any upset tummies and supports the general good health of the dogs in our care.
  • Blankets (that dogs cannot easily tear up for fun).
  • Beds, including raised beds and canvas-type beds that the dogs can use in their day play area.
  • Dogs’ toys, harnesses, collars, leads and rope/slip leads.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting supplies, including F10, bleach, Pine Gel, washing-up liquid, kitchen towel, black bin bags, washing powder, toilet paper, wet wipes.
  • Overalls, boots, tea, coffee, sugar, and any treats for our hardworking kennel staff.
  • Tick-and-flea treatments and poop scoops.
  • Airtime and data so our kennel staff can keep us updated daily and contact us if a dog needs help.
  • Financial donations, either into our account or directly into our vet account.

Bigger items

  • An industrial washing machine.
  • Landscaping for the area, and assistance in improving the dogs’ play area.
  • Benches and tables (wooden or concrete) for our doggie run area, so visitors can sit and spend time with the dogs.
  • A double gate structure for the run area to stop any dogs slipping out as the gate is opened.
  • Insulation boards for our night kennels.
  • Fencing to secure the area between the kennels and the dogs’ day run space.

Donations can be made to:

General account:
Nedbank Business
Acc: 11427 86927
Branch code: 191305 (Cresta)
Ref: Your name

Vet account:
Bergbron Animal Clinic
Standard Bank
Account Number: 200523899
Branch code: 006305 (Northcliff)

Financial donations can also be done via our BackaBuddy campaign or GivenGain


Maltese, French Poodle & Yorkie Rescue South Africa is a Non-Profit Company (NPC number NPC 2016/502793/08).

Find out more
For more information, WhatsApp only to 083 272 1106, email or follow them on Facebook