PawFriends Animal Rescue Organisation: Silver Muzzle Sanctuary

23rd Sep, 2019

PawFriends Animal Rescue Organisation began in Cape Town’s impoverished Westlake township in July 2010. 

We started by feeding the hungry dogs and cats of this neglected area out of the boot of my car. As the scope of the number of animals in desperate need became clear, we realised we needed to offer many services such as spaying, vaccinations, feeding, deworming, dip days, emergency vet care, etc.

We grew hugely over the following nine years and have sterilised over 500 animals.

Old dogs in need

PawFriends Silver Muzzle Sanctuary was established when we saw what animals go through when they get older in the townships. They’re often left to starve on the doorstep of their home with no food, no water, no shelter and no vet care for their special needs.  

PawFriends Silver Muzzle Sanctuary takes in the “Oldie Goldies” and gives them a home filled with love while their health needs are tended to. When they’re ready – being healthy and happy – we allow them to be adopted into the very best homes. Often, elderly people are happy to share their lives with an older, less active dog who can offer them companionship and love. A senior pet is also perfect for busy working couples who’d like a calmer pet that doesn’t chew or need long walks daily.

The dogs come to us having lost their dignity and their belief that they’re worth being loved. Once here, their lives turn around and they’re allowed to be the wonderful, kind-hearted animals God meant them to be. 

It’s amazing to see how being in a calm, friendly environment with a full food bowl and lots of love allows them to blossom. All are given proper medical care, and PawFriends is sponsored by Silverlab with their colloidal silver products, which improve their immune systems, wounds, and general health.  

You can help!

Aside from funds, there are several daily items. Our wishlist includes:

  • Dewormer
  • Tick and flea remedies
  • Kennels
  • Dog beds
  • Dog food – senior and adult
  • Harnesses, leads and collars
  • Funds for vet bills and homeopathic treatments

Sponsorship or donations

We need support from the people who know that “Old is Gold”. We let people sponsor their favourite oldies with monthly donations and send them pictures and updates on “their” dogs. 

If you sponsor a senior dog monthly, we can take in more and save them from cruel situations. 

Bank Capitec Bank
Account number:        1398567858
Branch code: 470010
Account name: PAWFRIENDS

To donate to animals in need by simply sending an sms from your phone, please type both words “Donate PawFriends” to 48748 to send R10 per sms, or type both words “Donate PawFriends” to 40580 to send R20 per sms (free minutes don’t apply).  

For more information, WhatsApp 082 066 2693, email or follow us on Facebook.