Schnauzer Rescue South Africa

6th Jul, 2020

Written and photographed by Chris Kritzinger – founder of Schnauzer Rescue South Africa

We have an unwavering passion for Schnauzers, and after noticing that so many of them were in dire need of help, we started Schnauzer Rescue South Africa in July 2019. At that time there were no breed-specific Schnauzer rescue organisations in South Africa that could cater to the needs of this breed, and so SRSA was born.

The inspiration behind SRSA is a special lad named Superschnauzer Perci. As a rescue himself, he keeps an eye out for all Schnauzers in South Africa.

Purebred dogs do end up in shelters

Most people are still under the impression that purebred dogs don’t end up in shelters or rescue, but contrary to this belief we’ve rehomed over 80 Schnauzers since we started – almost one Schnauzer every five days since startup. And there are many more out there needing help.

The Schnauzer breed consists of three types: miniature, standard, and giant, with miniatures being among the top ten most popular dog breeds in the country. These intelligent little dogs, with their friendly natures and attractive looks, are a great size (around five to eight kilos), and they don’t shed as much as most other breeds, making them ideal for many households. Unfortunately, many people mistake their small size and cute looks as an indication that they’re lapdogs, without realising how much work this breed requires. Schnauzers of all sizes crave mental stimulation, attention, and training, and they need plenty of exercise. They also need regular grooming and have some breed-specific health needs. If not socialised properly and left in a yard to get bored, they can become stubborn and hard to manage. 

This means that many end up surrendered to shelters when people realise they can’t cope with their needs. Plus, as soon as any dog breed becomes so popular, unscrupulous breeders looking to make quick money through puppy mills and backyard breeding become a major problem, leading to neglect and abuse. The need to help these lovable dogs is growing.

Volunteer team of Schnauzer friends

SRSA consists of the most amazing rescue team made up of volunteers with many years of experience with the breed. Our affiliation with Woodrock Animal Rescue means that we have incredible facilities to cater for any rescue Schnauzer’s needs.

We started off with a bang last year when 24 neglected Miniature Schnauzers were surrendered to us. Through many hours of sweat and tears we managed to sterilise, vaccinate, deworm and health-check all of them. We had to do the normal puppy mill procedures, as many had horrible dental decay, skin conditions and hookworm, while some females had horrible growths all over their battered little bodies. We managed to rehome all of these Schnauzers responsibly in just six weeks.

Leave no Schnauzer behind

There’s a massive need for a community that puts rescue first and makes sure that all rescued Schnauzers get the homes they deserve, regardless of their backgrounds.

We have a Facebook group with informative videos, and we love chatting live; we also have so many beautiful rehoming stories. We pride ourselves on being a group of people that throw politics out the door and concentrate on the welfare of the dogs – as simple as that. Our basic mission statement is to leave no Schnauzer in need behind.

We solely rely on donations from the public, and donations can be made to:

        Schnauzer Rescue South Africa

        First National Bank

        Branch code:               250655

        Account number:         62818721509

Should you need assistance with any Schnauzer (we’ll never turn any Schnauzer away), please email us on, phone us on 083 658 1504, follow us on Facebook, on Instagram – @schnauzerrescuesouthafri or visit