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After our last four-legged girl slipped into heaven in January, our hearts were broken and my partner, Johan, and I decided we’d have a break. But we were constantly asked when we’d be getting a new “child”. Having decided to wait a while, my answer was: “The only way I’ll have another is if he or she crosses the road in front of me with a chain around its neck.” I mean, what were the chances of this happening? Well, believe it or not, that is exactly what happened. ...read more

Meet Meisie, a small black-and-gold Dachshund-mix from a rural village in the North West Province. She came to us when, out of the blue, she was unable to walk and turned out to have an important purpose in her life... ...read more

The little wire-haired terrier was tied to the fence of the empty house with a telephone cable. It was pouring with rain and empty bowls lay beside the shivering dog whose feet were ice-cold and muddy. This is how Phoenix Animal Care and Treatment (PACT) found her at an abandoned house in Phoenix, KwaZulu-Natal, after being alerted to her plight by the landlord. ...read more

Wilee is a two-year-old tripod Greyhound. He is snow-white, except for the left side of his face, which is jet-black, with a few black freckles on his skin under his white coat. He has quite an overbite, which just adds to his cuteness. ...read more

Saving Baby Irene

12th Jul, 2017
Baby Irene, a Vervet monkey, was rescued by a passer-by after being subjected to terrible cruelty by uneducated children, which resulted in severe wounds and shock... ...read more

Our Odie

6th Jul, 2017
One afternoon, towards the end of April 2017, a home owner noticed that a small, brown stray dog had wandered onto their property; a commotion broke out but they assumed that their dogs were just excited about the little visitor. But it was much worse than that… ...read more

A topsy-turvy life

5th Jul, 2017
Polo was dropped off at the Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital on Onderstepoort vet campus by a good Samaritan; he’d been picked up off the road after being hit by a car. At first glance, the prognosis was very poor. Two other veterinary students and I were told to examine him and report back to the vet with our treatment options – keeping in mind that he appeared to be a wild bunny with no owners and, therefore, no one to pay for medical treatment. ...read more

My aunt, Sue Faust, has the most beautiful little black-and-gold Dachshund named Gabby who is the love of her life. Gabby is two years old and lives with Sue in an old age home in Brakpan. She was given away as a little pup and rescued by Sue and her husband, Martin. ...read more

Dexter’s Story

28th Jun, 2017
I arrived at work one morning to find the cutest fluffy bundle of joy being looked after by my colleague, animal rescuer and feral cat feeder Vivienne Jones. She’d found him early on a hectic month-end Saturday morning on a busy roundabout at the Roodepoort Hyperama. ...read more

As all rescuers will tell you, every dog we save owns a little piece of our hearts, but, every now and again, a special dog comes along and steals your entire heart. Molly is such a dog… ...read more

Page 28 of 37, 366 articles found. Displaying: 271-280