Hudson Sinclair

4th Jun, 2020

Written by Collette Sinclair

I was devastated when I lost my dog to cancer in September 2019. I’d fought hard to keep him alive and forked out thousands of rands to try save him. It took me a long time to get over his death, and still today I get teary thinking about him.

We decided as a family that we needed a puppy to fill our hearts, and, as always, our animals are rescued. I popped into Springfield SPCA a few times, but they didn’t have any males.

It was one afternoon on my way home that I decided to check just one more time. I walked past the puppy cages, and there, sitting in the dark, was a silhouette of what looked like a Beagle. I called out to the sad pup, but he didn’t come to me. Only his little tail gave a wag.

Something about him just called out to me, and I asked the office to let me see the pup. 

As he came into the office, I just knew he was the one. I picked him up; he peed all over me, but he snuggled straight into my neck. This sweet, gentle puppy had been very badly abused and was only eight weeks old. I couldn’t let him go. I cried and cried; I had found my new love. My boy-boy. 

It was a long five days as we worked through the SPCA’s list of the requirements that we had to adhere to, but finally I could go and pick up my baby.

On our ride home, he snuggled into a washing basket, looking as gorgeous as can be. Since then, we’ve had many beautiful moments with our precious boy, Hudson Sinclair.

I was chatting to a lady at my vet; she was intrigued with Hudson’s handsome looks and told me all about MuttMix. Of course, we had to find out – and it was a real surprise.

Hudson’s MuttMix Results:

        Level 3             Bulldog

        Level 3             Boxer

        Level 4             Bull Terrier

        Level 4             Brittany

I definitely thought he’d have Beagle, but he behaves like a Boxer and has the colour and shape of the Brittany, and he LOVES to swim, so I was most chuffed with his MuttMix results!

Dominique of MuttMix adds…

Hudson is a prime example of how you cannot read a mixed-breed “book” by its cover. Many combinations can look like other breeds, but each unique combination creates incredible personalities and characteristics you wouldn’t necessarily see with the breed the dog may look like.