Precious Pippa

7th Nov, 2019

Written by Kim Klette

Professional photography by Pet Portraits Photography

Pippa, a.k.a. “Squeaky-bum”, a.k.a. “Doggolla”, a.k.a. “Moemfie”, a.k.a. “Baby Girl” (as the saying goes: the beloved child has many names), entered our lives on the 18th of January 2019 at 12 weeks old.

Four rescued puppies

Pippa and her three siblings had been rescued at just five weeks old from a household that couldn’t afford to vaccinate or look after all the puppies. Her mother was a Boston Terrier cross and her father a Scottish Terrier. Both parents were also spayed and neutered by the rescuer.

The litter of puppies were surrendered to Kitty and Puppy Haven and were advertised when they were 11 weeks old for rehoming. Her three siblings are all black with white patches, and their fur is a lot coarser. Pippa, however, is brindle and has a very soft coat.

An intelligent and active little dog

The first video I took of Pippa shows her running around the garden exploring her newfound freedom – she was a little chipolata sausage with short legs, quite timid, and she’d hide behind the curtain in the corner if she was left alone.

Pippa has proved to be quite intelligent, independent and extremely stubborn. She doesn’t bark a lot and is not aggressive at all. Pippa has a very thick and soft coat and doesn’t feel the cold but battles in the heat. She’ll spend hours exploring in the garden and will always come out with a stick or flower, proudly prancing around with her new chewing toy. She also uses her paws like a cat to play or display affection.

She absolutely loves any toy that squeaks, and her favourite game is being chased around the garden while she continuously squeaks one of her soft toys or ball. She’s super-fast, and you have no chance of catching her at all.  

Pippa did attend puppy school and knows various commands like “sit”, “down”, “stay”, “walk” and “paw”, but she won’t learn recall. A daily visit to the local park and trying to train her off-lead isn’t an easy task, as she’ll walk with you for a while, but if she sees another dog in the distance, she runs off to play. No amount of calling or treats will convince her to stay or to return.

In Pippa’s short time with us she’s made three trips to the KZN coast and has taken to long-distance travelling exceptionally well. Pippa absolutely loves playing in rock pools and digging in the sand. Throwing sticks into the waves has her swimming out to fetch the stick.

As much as she loves to swim and play in water, attempting to give her a bath is a struggle. She has a sixth sense as to when this is going to happen and disappears. Again, no amount of calling, cajoling or treats will get her near the bath.

A unique and special dog

As Pippa got older, her coat length changed quite significantly, and all her little quirks started showing. We were quite intrigued to find out if her parents were really as we’d been informed and which other breed’s DNA could be involved. I asked our vet if DNA tests were available, and she told me about MuttMix.

It was confirmed that Pippa’s parents were as we thought, and her DNA also included a little extra breed intertwined – Shiba Inu. Reading further into the Shiba Inu breed explains so many of her quirks, and it’s very interesting to see how all the different breeds create this unique and most special puppy – our Pippa.

Pippa’s MuttMix Results:

            Level 2                        Boston Terrier

            Level 3                        Shiba Inu

            Level 3                        Scottish Terrier

We found Pippa’s MuttMix results fascinating, and it makes a little more sense now of her unique personality. She has a long body and short legs and a very thick, soft coat and a beautiful furry tail, hind legs and ears. At her last weigh-in she weighed 10.8kg.

Looking at the different personalities of her breeds, she has so many traits of the Shiba Inu – Pippa is very intelligent and stubborn at the same time, and we enjoy her so much – she’s the most unique and lovable dog I’ve ever had – and she always creates a stir at the local dog park.

Many thanks to MuttMIx for the prompt service, and I was very impressed at how easy and smoothly the process went.

Dominique of MuttMix adds…

While the Scottish Terrier may not be easily apparent, it’s responsible for the short legs and longer body, and the Boston Terrier has a brindle variety that accounts for the brindle fur!