Animal Reiki

23rd Jun, 2020

Written by Sharron Duff of Quantum Soul

I’ve been watching my cat Kevin for a while. He just doesn’t have the same swagger as before and is more clingy than usual. As his fur-mom and an animal reader, this means that it’s time for some love intervention.

How can I help you?

So, I make a determined effort to track Kevin down. Cats can be elusive, but it’s not long before I find him lying tucked in a circle on the couch. 

I greet him as I walk up to him slowly. He opens one sleepy eye and slowly closes it again. I’m sure it’s me being pedantically mommy, but I feel deflated that he’s not more forthcoming. I sit down next to him and give him a little scratch on his forehead.

Kev, I say. What’s up dude? Mommy wants to spend some time with you. You don’t seem to be happy, and I want to know why. When you want to give an animal healing, you always need to ask permission, and as there’s no resistance from Kevin’s side, I take a deep breath and carry on.

How the healing begins

I rub my palms together to clear, reset and to recharge my energy and hold my palm directly above his shoulder blades. This is where the main chakra or energy centre of any kitty-cat is. This is where we always start when we’re checking out what to do next. I close my eyes and breathe in deeply, exhaling to the count of four each time. Right, I’m ready to do some healing on my boy.

I quickly scan his aura and see that there’s a lot of deep orange and yellow, as well as blue. Aah, I think to myself. Tell-tale signs of insecurity. Has Simon been bossing you around, Kev? I ask.

Simon is the biggest of our crew of cats. He’s the King Pin and Alpha. Kev is 2IC (Second in Command) and, clearly, this isn’t sitting well with him. Okay, Kev, I’m going to work a little crystal magic on you.

Crystal magic

I ask Kevin to stay still as I carefully place some cleansed Tourmaline (great for balancing fear), Tiger’s Eye (helps with confidence), Rose quartz (a good crystal for self-love) and Apatite (a crystal used for general well-being and balance) on the couch cushion alongside him.

I close my eyes and see a wash of light surround him, and I hear him start to purr. I can’t help but smile. My Kevin is playing nice and his energy is co-operating.

I sit for a minute or two trying not to think of the millions of other things that need doing and just watch him. By this time, he’s stretched out his gingerbread body and exposed his white tum to me. Total trust and I’m happy.

I’ll be watching Kevin over the next few weeks. I will, in all likelihood, have to sneak some more Mom-and-Kev time in, but it’ll be worth it. I just want my 2IC to feel confident and fully able to communicate without fear.

But what actually is Reiki?

This form of energy healing started in Japan and can be used for people and animals. It involves the practitioner placing their hands on or slightly above the body, and then transferring energy to the “patient” in order to aid in physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It’s completely non-invasive. The name comes from the Japanese words “rei”, meaning “higher power/God’s wisdom”, and “ki”, meaning “life force energy”.

The principle behind Reiki is that all living beings have an energy field flowing through and around them all the time. Physical and emotional pain can cause blockages in this energy, particularly if they’re long-standing, which leads to illness.

A Reiki practitioner aims to aid and improve the flow of energy around the body in order to assist in healing, speed recovery, combat pain, encourage relaxation, and, ultimately, return the body to balance. While Reiki practitioners generally use only their hands, many include crystals in order to facilitate their work. They channel universal energy (“ki”) through themselves and into the recipient of the treatment.

Reiki is a great adjunct to conventional treatment, or to assist in cases like Kevin’s, where some energy healing is required.

The tie that binds hearts

Animal Reiki sessions need to take as long as the animal needs, and this is no exception. Kevin will need my attention whenever he asks, and that includes snuggle time and lots of chats. Healing is more than crystals and clearing of energy centres. It’s about love connections and patience. It’s about time out with your baby and paying attention to the signs.

Listen to your intuition, because you know your pet better than anyone, and the connection that you share is the tie that binds hearts.

Safety note: Never stop using necessary medication or skip taking a sick pet to the veterinarian in favour of Reiki. Should your pet need medical care, for example, for an injury or illness, you can certainly add Reiki into their treatment plan to aid their recovery, ease their fears, and improve their overall well-being.