Walking with death (The Rainbow Bridge Experience)

22nd Dec, 2020

Written by Sharron Duff of Quantum Soul

I speak to dead animals. Okay, I know that sounds bizarre, but I really do. When your animals cross over, I have the privilege of reaching out to them and being the channel between you.

Having been an animal communicator of both the living and departed for over 20 years, I’ve had many conversations with spirits about life on earth, heaven as we know it, and everything in between.

It’s time to go

Our animals are sentient. This means that they have a soul, just as we do. You only need to look into the eyes of any animal to know this. The thing is, this also means that they have a choice about when they want to go.

Sometimes they want to take their time because they don’t want to leave you. I’ve helped many animals to cross over peacefully, knowing that their humans are going to be alright. You can have an elderly animal hanging on just because they’re wondering who’s going to take care of their loved ones when they’re gone. I tell them that it’s simple. They get to help choose another baby to be adopted, or they can pop in at any time and visit and suss things out.

Heaven is only a vibration away

From what I’m told, Heaven is a great place to be. Every animal has a different perspective of what it’s like – according to their own experiences. Sometimes, they get to play in fields filled with daisies, and other times they can eat whatever they like and play fetch endlessly with a very patient angel. It’s a very personal journey.

When they first make the transition, they cross what is fondly known as “The Rainbow Bridge”. This is an etheric space between Heaven and Earth. At the other side, a human loved one who’s already crossed over is always waiting. This is someone who loved their human. It’s all about connections. If this poor soul lived a life without a family, then there’ll be others to greet them. Someone will always be there, and spirit children are often seen hugging a neglected or abused animal, who’s just happy to be back. On top of this, there are siblings waiting. These can be the cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, fish and horses that they knew in their physical incarnations. Then there are angels with beautiful wings. These are the guys who led your baby across the bridge to Home.

When the grand reunion is over

All good things never end in Heaven. Our babies go from all this deliciousness to a brief life review. This is a recap of everything they did during their lives. There’s no judgement here but a gentle look at their relationships and whether they achieved what they set out to. This is where they get their angel wings and are tasked with a special project. But there are no timekeepers in Heaven, so whether your baby decides to do this now or later makes no difference.

I’ve chatted to animals who help abused animals to find peace or homes. Others may bring comfort to animals, whether feathered, scaled or otherwise, during their transition after disasters like fires, hurricanes and tornados. Some act as meet-n-greeters, whilst others decide to go to school to learn more about the lessons they didn’t quite get in their physical form. They always choose to come back for a visit.

Love is love

Your loved one is always healed, whole and happy after they make the transition. They come to me looking fabulous no matter how they looked when they passed. Their eyes shine with so much joy, and the first message I get is always about how much they love you.

It’s my sincere wish, hope and prayer that you find comfort in the knowledge that all animals are healed back to beauty and that love conquers all.