Mac and Rosi – two very special Aussies

12th Jun, 2020

Written by Ingrid Liberté, founder of Australian Shepherd South African Rescue Organisation (ASSARO)

Mac and Rosi were puppies that came into ASSARO from a merle-to-merle breeding. Many people think that it relates just to the merle colour; however, it relates to a gene that alters the way the pigment appears in the dog’s coat.

There are health problems associated with this type of breeding, and we’re against it as a rescue organsiation, leading as it can to blindness, deafness or other health issues.

Mac and Rosi are both deaf, and Mac has Iris Coloboma, which makes him very sensitive to light. 

They came in with the help of animal lovers Mina van den Berg and Sandra Pretorius, who helped with their initial vet check and vaccinations, and I fetched the pair from them. 

While they were in ASSARO care, they were taught basic hand signals, met different people for human socialisation, and of course met different dogs too. They learnt to watch the other dogs’ body language, and I love the way the Australian Shepherds here taught them things no human could. 

Deaf and blind dogs live a full life, with some adjustments on the parents’ part. 

Mac and Rosi are so very happy in their new homes. I couldn’t be prouder of how Lorna and Nicole have taken on the challenge of nurturing, teaching, loving, and giving them the best lives they could have!

Nicole De Castro, Mac’s new owner, shares…

We adopted Mac from ASSARO in February. I saw Ingrid’s post on the ASSARO Facebook page and fell in love with his pink nose and blue eyes. I’ve always been obsessed with the Aussie breed but never wanted to buy one, as I’m a firm believer of adopt, don’t shop.

Mac, formerly known as Ryder, has been a blessing to our family. We have two Africanis babies, and he’s truly just blended in. He has all the energy in the world and starts at the wonderful time of 05:30am with barks, licks and love. 

He’s now started to love the water and enjoys his daily runs to play with all the doggies in the park.

We can’t thank ASSARO enough for allowing us to have Aussie love in our home. I’d like to encourage people to show interest in the Aussie breed and truly understand them. 

Lorna Rass, Rosi’s new owner, shares…

I’m the new proud owner of Rosi, formerly known as Eden. She’s a double merle Australian Shepherd who came up for adoption at the beginning of 2020 through ASSARO. I knew she was going to be a perfect addition to our family and contacted Ingrid Liberté immediately to start the adoption process.   

I currently stay in Clarens, Eastern Free State, which is an absolute paradise for four-legged angels.

I’m originally from Cape Town, and it was through Sheila Farmer in Noordhoek that I got introduced to this amazing breed, Australian Shepherds.

Rosi is my fourth Aussie, and our whole family has fallen madly in love with her. We feel blessed that we were selected to be her new family. She’s deaf and we were totally up for the challenge, which, surprisingly, is not a challenge at all, as she’s the smartest girl on the planet. We’re teaching her sign language and are amazed at how quickly she’s learning.

She now has her own two grown-up brothers, both Australian Shepherds, Rocco, 7, and Benji, 9. Rosi loves her brothers, especially Rocco due to all the energy he possesses.   

My 11-year-old daughter, Lola, and Rosi have the best time running around in our large garden, and I don’t think there’s anything else that can melt a mother’s heart more than the joy and laughter that comes from them playing together.

Every now and then I have to pinch myself, because I can’t believe we managed to find such a gorgeous Aussie.

We love our Rosi to the moon and back and appreciate all that ASSARO is doing for this amazing breed, the Australian Shepherd. Thank you, Ingrid!

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