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17th Mar, 2021

Written by Allan Perrins – Animal Welfare Society of SA, Head of Communications, Resource Development and Fundraising

Professional photography by Jackie Wernberg Photography

Brigitte Reeve-Taylor, founder of Dancers LOVE Dogs and one of our cherished mass animal sterilisation funding partners, is an international animal welfare treasure who needs no introduction.

Her combined love of dance and compassion for animals knows no bounds; effectively demonstrated when she recently rescued an adorable puppy from a cruel roadside seller near Paradise Motors in upper Claremont, Cape Province.

This risky late-night rescue was far from ordinary, and getting help was no easy task due to the curfew.

The puppy had been cruelly stuffed into a blue plastic bag, making it difficult for her to breathe and almost impossible to rest. We think that the little puppy had been confined to the plastic bag for most of the day. And, based on her weakened and dehydrated state, she hadn’t eaten or had anything to drink during that entire time.  

Were it not for Brigitte, the swift action of a local security company that detained the perpetrator until SAPS arrived, the veterinary skill of our accomplished CEO, Dr John McMullen, and the love of the puppy’s amazing new family from Upper Bishopscourt, it’s very likely that Honey (now named Ruby) wouldn’t have survived this gross degree of abuse.

We have it on good authority that Ruby may make an appearance at the Dancers LOVE Dogs show at the Artscape Opera House on the 18th of April, should you wish to meet this super-special little rescue and get to enjoy one of the world’s most amazing dance shows in support of a great cause.

Brigitte Reeve-Taylor shares…

It was heartbreaking arriving on the scene after receiving a phone call alerting me to someone selling a puppy. Ruby (as her new family’s daughter has named her) had been contained inside an old blue plastic bag all day with no food or water.

The Claremont community is unbelievable! Roxy Levy fostered Ruby for the first night, and the following day, Nicky Grayson and her three beautiful boys jumped at the chance to take over foster duty.  

I posted the adoption notice on our neighbourhood group early on Monday. Within five minutes I had seven messages from people within our community. Everyone was absolutely amazing, kind and compassionate. Our neighbourhood patrol group is honestly phenomenal.

I wish all the animals could be as lucky as Ruby to find homes. She’s blessed to have a large family with five beautiful siblings to teach and guide her. I get regular updates from her mom, Janet, with beautiful photos showing how Ruby is growing up – it simply melts my heart.

Please, I urge everyone to help stop this hideous act of puppy selling at traffic lights. Call Anti Animal Trafficking CT on 072 667 9670 or 081 215 2810, or contact Law Enforcement. You can save an animal’s life.

Janet Wolfsohn, Ruby’s new owner, shares…

When we saw the photo of Ruby on our neighbourhood group, we, as a family, felt that we should reach out and see if she still needed her forever home... and she did! We’re absolute dog lovers and already have five Labradors.  

When she arrived, Ruby was tiny, weighing in at just 1.85kg. I’m happy to report that she now weighs 4.6kg! Her siblings (both two-legged and four-legged) have accepted her beautifully. Her brother Whiskey is her best friend. They play together endlessly. Ruby is a fearless puppy when it comes to the other dogs, who are all much bigger than she is. Whiskey weighs over 30kg, but Ruby still jumps on him and bites his tail and ears.

The first few nights were a little rough as baby Ruby was still looking for her mom and needed comfort. She still wakes up around 3am, but it’s more to play!

We look forward to seeing Ruby grow and will shower her with love every day, as we do with all our other furbabies.

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