Loving Lola

7th Apr, 2022

Written by Georgina Gebers

Professional photography by Caroline Hartley Photography

Lola girl has been with us since just before Christmas 2021. We’d been looking for a companion for our other dog, Buddy, for quite some time. The timing just seemed right, as our son was coming out from the UK for three weeks and it had been about four months since our two very old dogs had passed away. Buddy was getting lonely.

We went to the Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch and spotted this very unusual and unbelievably soft-to-the-touch, four-month-old in a pen full of dogs. She looked like she was struggling to cope with it all.

We were told that her mom might have had a bit of Shepherd and Corgi in her mix, but we weren’t too fussed either way. Her siblings had all gone a month before her.

Anyhow, she’s now well ensconced in our family and life, and we love our new funny girl. Buddy is also very happy. She’s a lot bigger than him but adjusts her play to be gentle.

She’s already been on quite a few road trips to Knysna and Arniston. She garners a lot of attention, ranging from “What is this pretty wild-dog type thing?” to “Gosh, she looks like an Australian cattle dog”.

At one coffee shop, the waitresses believed she was a wild dog and wouldn’t come close to the table.

We simply had to have her MuttMixed, and we were quite taken aback by her results, but, thinking about them, they do make sense. We just couldn’t pinpoint what she had in her.

Lola’s MuttMix Results:

        Level 3                        Toy Fox Terrier

        Level 3                        Boston Terrier

        Level 4                        Chinese Crested

        Level 4                        Boxer

        Low Trace                   German Shepherd

Buddy was also tested by MuttMix a few years ago and is of Cocker Spaniel and Dachshund extraction. He’s such an adorable chap, and we’re very happy with our two unusual mixes.

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