Proud Pinnah

4th Mar, 2021

Written by Jeanine de Villiers

Professional photography by Hey Doggo

In the “times of Coronavirus” we decided to expand our family in 2020. We’re a family of three, and our three-and-a-half-year-old son was desperate for a four-legged companion.

A puppy from the Lowveld

We work from home and live in Cape Town, splitting our time between our farm in Hoedspruit and our home in Cape Town. We decided on our trip up to the Lowveld to adopt a puppy from Hoedspruit PAWS, a local rescue organisation in Limpopo. We’d considered a four-legged addition for a few years and finally the time seemed right.

We always knew that we’d rather adopt than shop. We saw on Facebook that Hoedspruit PAWS had two litters of pups, 16 in total that were surrendered to them after the previous owners’ dogs had two unwanted litters. The organisation was told that the mother was a Vizsla, but they didn’t know what the father was. (That’s probably where the Weimaraner comes in; daddy was most definitely a mix!)

She captured our hearts

Originally, we were interested in her sister, but when we went to meet the pups in person, it was a different pup that captured our hearts with her sweet and loving nature. She joined our family on the 28th of August 2020 after our home check was completed. 

Her name is a special story. My late father’s birthday was on the 28th of August and he had a beautiful dog called Pinnah who was his trusting companion for many years, so we decided to name her Pinnah in memory of my father and his four-legged companion. Her name is of Hebrew origin and means “Ruler” or “Chief”, which is fitting to her personality as she definitely rules our roost!

A special mix

In her short life, she’s settled into both farm and city life as she travels with us between the two, making friends with a bushbuck, getting familiar with a giraffe… She’s a shadow and fiercely protective of our son and best friend, Max. She’s a regular companion on game drives, seeing the smells and sights of the Lowveld. On her first game drive, she saw a lion, hyena and an elephant but decided that being curled up in “mommy’s” jacket was a much safer and warmer place to be. She no longer fits into my jacket but still considers herself an oversized lapdog.  

Pinnah loves her walks, runs and cuddles and has attended her puppy classes with much enthusiasm, gusto, and learning. She’s super friendly and loves to play with other pups on her afternoon walks to the park or beach. The Greyhound gene in her definitely runs strong as she’s incredibly fast and outruns any pooch she plays with. She loves playing fetch with a ball and is getting better and better at dropping it for another throw.

She’s adapted well and has even made friends with our cat (after a bit of a rocky start) – they’re now inseparable and enjoy evening cuddles in front of our TV.

My friend started the Biped company a few years ago and brought MuttMix to South Africa, so I’ve been following MuttMix’s progress for a few years, even after they sold the company to the current owners in 2013. So, when we adopted Pinnah, we were curious to find out more about her by testing her DNA.

Pinnah’s MuttMix Results:

        Level 3                        Border Collie

        Level 4                        Irish Wolfhound

        Level 4                        Weimaraner

        Level 4                        Papillon

        Level 4                        Greyhound

        Level 4                        German Shepherd Dog

Turns out that she was a little more mixed than we originally thought! The German Shepherd and Papillon were certainly a bit of a surprise. However, the way I see it is that all of the dogs in her DNA have wonderful natures, and this is testament to her beautiful personality. Admittedly! 

Pinnah is a very sweet girl and a lovely addition to our family and best friend to our son; how lucky we are to have her as part of our family.

Dominque of MuttMix adds…

A very unique thing that happens with mixed breeds is that a litter of mixed breed pups can “cherry pick” from the available gene pool and can actually skip some breeds – completely skipping the breeds from either parent. 

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