8th Jul, 2021

Written by Galia Dviri

Professional photography by Phil Anderson of PhilsonPhotography

Rosie’s story is a real rags-to-riches tale.

We own a business in Denver, Johannesburg, and as there are several informal settlements near us, we often have stray dogs wander onto our premises. They’re generally in an appalling condition, and we look after them, try to rehome them or get them safely to a shelter.

In mid-2017 this brindled Lurcher arrived – in bad shape and very scared of people. We fed her, got her a kennel and, slowly but surely, won her trust. One of our staff members, Joshua Mngonezulu, really connected with her and the two of them became inseparable.

She subsequently had a puppy that I adopted and named Lizzy.

We had her spayed and tried to rehome her, but Joshua, who’d befriended her, went into such a depression that I had to bring her back and she happily lived at the business. During holidays, she went off to Woodrock Pet Hotel and led a jolly life riding on the forklifts and being totally spoilt by all the staff.

Sadly, Joshua passed away suddenly, and on the 14th of June 2019, I decided to bring her home, as her daughter, Lizzy, needed a friend. She’s been a much-loved part of our family ever since.

Her best friend is a rescue cat called Charlotte. Lizzy and Rosie go to the park three times a week with their dog walkers, Darryl and Sarah, and on weekends, they come with me to ride my horses so that they can run around.

I decided to get Rosie tested as I was curious as to what she was crossed with. It was obvious that she had a lot of Greyhound in her and she’s super smart, but I really wanted to know what else was mixed in there.

Rosie’s MuttMix Results

            Level 2                        Greyhound

            Level 3                        Border Collie

I wasn’t surprised that the results came up with her being predominantly Greyhound as she looks like one, but the Border Collie was a lovely surprise as they’re such a wonderful breed. That’s where she obviously gets her intelligence from – she’s super smart – and I now understand why she’s always trying to herd the cats.

Dominique of MuttMix adds…

The combination of Greyhound and Border Collie makes for an interesting mix in both looks and personality! Border Collies are an incredibly intelligent breed with a high energy output, whereas Greyhounds are generally docile and can nap all day (except when that prey drive kicks in, of course!).  

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