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26th Feb, 2019
As a child, I grew up with the belief that a dog wagging its tail was a happy dog. These days, however, we’re bolstered by scientific advances that have taught us more about understanding dogs. more

Happy non-hump day!

27th Dec, 2018
It surprises many people to learn that humping is not so much about sexual activity. It’s usually a response to stress, anxiety or excitement. more

Grooming is about much more than looking good and goes beyond just giving them a quick brush every now and again. Here’s why grooming is important and what you should include in your pet’s regular routine. more

I would like to ask you, the reader, a small favour. Close your eyes for a few seconds, and imagine that you are only about 25cm tall. Now take a look around you from this height. All of a sudden the world looks bigger – and quite intimidating! more

My dog, Shelly, is constantly licking a sore place on her front leg. I’ve tried using various salves, but she just licks them off. The wound seems to be getting bigger the more she licks, and I really don’t know what to do. more

Why do cats spray?

26th Apr, 2018
Having lived with six cats at one (wonderful) point in my life, we had to deal with spraying (one of the females did it too). They were all neutered and sterilised. Is this a common problem? more

Our understanding of dog behaviour has advanced tremendously in recent years, mostly for good. There are, however, still some trainers out there who insist on “alpha owners”, electric collars and other aversives to teach a dog. Founded on unscientific precepts of wolf behaviour, long since discredited, it’s heavily biased on “being the boss” and punishing the dog that doesn’t respond. more

Jack and Jill

9th Jan, 2018
Twice as nice or double trouble? Before we add a second dog to our family, it’s a good idea to give the matter plenty of thought. Good intentions don’t always guarantee great results. While there are plenty of stories that have happy endings, there are some pitfalls that can easily be avoided if the misconceptions surrounding this topic are addressed. more

A fearful dog is one that has difficulty adapting to its environment. All dogs have a threshold of fear that is reached when the dog no longer feels safe, for whatever reason. At this point, the sympathetic nervous system kicks in, causing various physical and emotional changes in the dog. more

YES! Is the new NO!

14th Nov, 2017
“No! No… no Fido!” I see the frustrated owner at the end of her leash (pun intended). And Fido is, well, not at the end of the leash; but why is the owner upset? I don’t know exactly what Fido is doing to upset his owner. And neither does Fido. more

Page 3 of 6, 52 articles found. Displaying: 21-30