More than just a Smudge

4th Oct, 2018

Dania Skone, Adorabull Founder and Behaviourist, and Smudge

Written by Louise Brolly (Chairperson Adorabull Terrier Rescue and Rehabilitation)

Professional photography by Riaan van der Merwe

An early-morning phone call to a member of Adorabull Terrier Rescue and Rehabilitation alerted us that a Bull Terrier dog had been tied to a gate and abandoned. The family who discovered the dog contacted us immediately for assistance. We decided to call him Smudge.

Not much is known about his history, but the small, shy golden-coloured Bull Terrier-mix male has blossomed in his time in kennels. He has opened up to show his funny and energetic side, his love of quality treats, and his daily walks. His happy little barks when we arrive at kennels and his willingness to work for those treats is just precious.

Adorabull decided to do a MuttMix DNA test on Smudge, and his results revealed that he shares his Bull Terrier DNA along with Staffordshire Bull Terrier genes. This is evident in his personality, as he is a very loving dog… with a lot of oomph!

Smudge’s MuttMix Results:

Level 2      Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Level 2      Bull Terrier

Dominique of MuttMix adds…

While we didn’t find a load of hidden secrets in Smudge’s DNA, the two breeds that did come out are a fun combination and are sure to bring a lot of interesting times to the family that adopts him. Physically he looks mostly like a Bull Terrier, but his colouring has been impacted by the Staffie addition, and his features are “softened” a bit too.

The two together create an energetic, strong, intelligent, loving pooch that is sure to be an excellent addition to any family.

Smudge is up for adoption

Smudge is an energetic, fun-loving dog who’s looking to be your one and only. His role in your family will be one of companion and friend; he will fill your home – and your heart – with his whole being. His dream home will be with a family that will allow him time to find his feet when meeting new people, space to run free and play and, of course, as with all dogs, a warm spot in your home to sleep off those Sunday lunches.

To apply to adopt our darling Smudge, please contact Dania Skone on 072 183 7850 or Louise Brolly on 082 635 4803. Alternatively, please email Home checks and adoption contract will apply.