Our Sox

3rd Feb, 2022

Written by Tamara Hugo

Professional photography by Strike a Pose Photography

I adopted Sox from FORA (Friends Of Rescued Animals) as a six-week-old rescue pup on the 5th of June 2020. She arrived there very young and in need of bottle-feeding; seemingly the only puppy with no littermates to be seen.

My four-year-old son, Liam, and I had decided it was time to get him a dog friend. Off we went to FORA to see if he’d bond with an older, small dog. The second we walked in, he zoned in on this one puppy and wasn’t interested in anything else. I showed him some of the older dogs I’d preselected, as I knew he wasn’t ready for the challenges a puppy comes with. But he was having none of it.

Whilst sitting in the enclosure and bonding with the puppy, he already chose her name, Sox. I’ll never forget how at one point he stood up and she jumped up and scratched his face. He got a fright, started crying, and I told him we’d come back another day as he was starting to get hungry and grumpy. He told me he wasn’t leaving without his Sox.

And that was the start of a new journey. It’s taken a while for them to find their places with one another, but the unconditional love is mutual. Both would protect the other without a second thought.

Sox immediately became part of our family, and we’ve never looked back.

As a pup, she looked more Rottweiler than anything else, but as she grew, we saw the German Shepherd and definitely terrier of some kind. I’d also considered Boxer at some point, or a Pointer? Her results have made so much sense.

        Level 3            Border Terrier

        Level 4            American Staffordshire Terrier

        Level 4            Great Pyrenees

        Level 4            German Shepherd 

        Level 4            Boxer 

Thank you, Mutt Mix, I’m glad I chose to do the test and am 100% happy with the service and results received.

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