3rd Jun, 2021

Written by Neressa Perumall

Photography by Riaan van der Merwe

Scarlett-Jo’s mother, a pure-bred Border Collie, was abandoned by her owner while she was heavily pregnant with Scarly and the other pups.

My friend decided to foster her until she gave birth, and she contacted Border Collie Rescue, who assisted with the adoption process of all the pups and ensured that mum and pups received the best care.

When the puppies were ready to find their forever homes, we went through to meet them all and instantly fell in love with the calmest, most reserved pup of them all – she was so endearing. That was Scarlett-Jo. My friends had already named all seven pups and, at that time, she was named Coco.

A few days later, our sweet black-and-white pup came home; I decided that Scarlett-Jo was a much better name for this little girl. We all thought that she’d be a Border Collie-sized dog, but she just kept growing and growing and growing, until she turned into the stunning gentle giant we know today.

We unfortunately don’t know what breed of dog her dad was, and there’s always been much debate amongst our friends and family as to what our wonderful girl is made up of. This is how I came to find MuttMix and decided to use their services for a DNA test for Scarlett-Jo. We’re all absolutely thrilled to finally know her genetic history and are constantly amazed at all the little characteristics of all that we see in her.

Scarlett-Jo’s MuttMix Results:

        Level 3                        Border Collie
        Level 4 Rat Terrier
        Level 4 Staffordshire Bull Terrier
        Level 4 German Shorthaired Pointer
        Level 4 Australian Shepherd

Dominque of MuttMix adds…

While the Border Collie is the dominant breed, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier has definitely impacted quite strongly on the features of Scarlett-Jo. This mixture of breeds will likely be a high-energy and extremely intelligent dog!

(Editor’s note: The Cocker Spaniel in the photos was Scarlett’s brother, Zakumi. She loved him dearly and they were incredibly close. Zack unfortunately passed away last July from bone cancer.)


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