We got lucky with Ally

3rd Dec, 2020

Written by Lisa Esterhuyzen

Professional photography by Hey Doggo

Love at first sight

For a while I’d considered getting a canine companion, and, as life goes, it was never the right time or circumstances. But with Covid-19, everything changed. Like so many others, I also made a life-changing decision and adopted Alaia (Ally), named after my favourite fashion designer, Azzedine Alaia. Now I cannot imagine my life without her.

After weeks of searching for the perfect match, my sister Mia sent me Ally’s picture from Stellenbosch Animal Welfare’s Facebook page – a Jack Russell-Collie Cross… or so we thought. And it was love at first sight.


She was the smallest, fluffiest little thing. The smallest dog collar was too big for her. 

Right from the start, she’s been a happy, smart, playful puppy with tons of energy, and she loves to cuddle. Sometimes I wondered if she was a piranha cross with her puppy biting episodes.  

Now, at only four months old, she’s surpassed a full-grown Jack Russell, her face has gotten longer, and she has spots all over her white coat. I got a MuttMix DNA kit as a gift, and it answered so many questions. This little Jack Russell cross is no Jack Russell but a German Shorthair Pointer cross after all. 

Good job

From day one, Lucille Hepburn from Canine Africa, a puppy and dog trainer, helped train Alaia – the best decision ever. From potty training to training her to be with me at the office and so much more; Ally goes everywhere with me. She’s so well trained already, making life so much easier. 

Struck gold

Before I received the results from MuttMix, whenever someone asked me what breed Alaia is, I called her a Lucky Packet, not realising how true it is. She’s not what I planned, expected or thought I needed, but it feels like I struck gold. Alaia is still my Lucky Packet. Believe you me, this puppy princess landed with her bum in the butter too and is living the life. 

Alaia’s MuttMix Results:

        Level 3         West Highland White Terrier

        Level 3         German Shorthaired Pointer

        Level 4         Miniature Pinscher

        Level 4         Collie

        Level 4         Brittany

Dominque of MuttMix adds…

We can see why Jack Russell Terrier was the initial thought, but now that Alaia is growing, you can definitely see the German Shorthaired Pointer coming through. This is a good example of how it’s very difficult for shelters to advise what breed a puppy is, as they go through drastic changes as they grow up.

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