Animal Welfare Organisations

Be inspired by people and the organisations which make a difference every day. This is where you’ll learn about the humble beginnings of rescue organisations that never gave up, and discover who needs your help and how you can enrich the life of a homeless animal.


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There are numerous rescue organisations looking after the welfare of our beloved cats and dogs, but what about our equine companions? more

Cute, cuddly little dogs are eternally popular as companion animals. But, sadly, many of them end in need of rehoming or rescuing from unacceptable circumstances. This is where Maltese, French Poodle and Yorkie Rescue South Africa comes in. more

Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre is home to 268 dogs, 47 cats, 3 horses, 23 pigs, 1 goat and 219 chickens. more

Beauty Without Cruelty, the oldest animal rights organisation in the country, started in South Africa in 1975, and it was fairly simple. more

Little did our founder, Joanne Kontaxoupolous (resident of Xanadu Eco Estate), know back in June 2016 that her life would never be the same again. Especially after receiving a distressing notice regarding feral cats in the area. more

PAWS was started in 2002 when a group of like-minded individuals realised that it was impossible for the Knysna Animal Welfare Society to efficiently cover the area from Sedgefield to Nature’s Valley. more


15th Apr, 2019
We work in Westlake, the impoverished area behind Polsmoor Prison, Tokai. For each RDP house there will be three to five shacks on the same plot, and many of these homes have a variety of animals, being mainly dogs, cats, pigeons, rabbits and other birds, as well as tortoises. more

Retreat 2 Eden

1st Apr, 2019
With the aim of not only taking in the usual waifs, strays and cruelty cases, but also to honour dogs which gave the majority of their lives to the service of mankind, an unusual rescue centre, Retreat 2 Eden, was founded six years ago on a sprawling 43ha farm in the Southwell area of Port Alfred. more

A deaf white Australian Shepherd named Josh was the catalyst for a much-needed rescue organisation dedicated to helping this magnificent breed. more

It’s no secret the Eastern Cape is one of the poorest provinces in South Africa. Nestled alongside its coast is the charming seaside village of St Francis Bay. But behind the beautiful scenery lies the local township of Sea Vista, an impoverished community of people facing a daily struggle to survive. more

Page 4 of 12, 111 articles found. Displaying: 31-40