A French Tale To Remember

14th May, 2021

Written by Lorren Barham

Professional photography by Des Featherstone Photography

It was the 14th of March 2021 when a dear friend, Hayley Houareau, sent me a link about two precious dogs, Dori and Ruby, at French Bulldog Rescue South Africa. It was strange (in a good way), as I never receive messages on FB Messenger… or I choose not to open the notifications, as they’re generally just spam. But that day was different – for some reason I opened that message!

The other strange thing is that the 14th of March 2020 was the day my precious princess Sophie, aka Pudding, also a French Bulldog, crossed the rainbow bridge after losing her battle with heart cancer.

Was this a sign from my heart dog, my soul child? I’d lost two other special fur kids that year too: in May, Boris (Dogue de Bordeaux) and in October, Yogi-Bear (French Bulldog).

I contacted my animal communicator, Theanette Staal, and asked her to discuss this with my remaining fur child, Busta, also a French Bulldog. I wanted to find out if he was ready for siblings and for these sisters to join his home and our menagerie of pets, including cats, fish, birds and tortoises.

Theanette, the gracious, loving compassionate communicator, gave me the go-ahead, saying that Busta was ready for friends and needed companionship. She said he felt that he knew these two would be the right fit for the household, because when he’s tired (he’s nearly eight years old), they could continue playing and entertaining one another. So, I immediately submitted my paperwork and adoption application.

The adoption staff at French Bulldog Rescue South Africa are thorough, no joking… they video conference call you, they send people to check out your walls, doors and gates, and even get references on you – they do an amazing job for a non-profit organisation. Maryka Lubbe and Tessa Rhoodt, thank you for entrusting these precious souls into our family’s care!

I contacted the most reputable animal courier company in Africa, and within two days they’d arranged the delivery of these two little girls. Black Leash Couriers is owner-run, and it was the owner who drove Dori and Ruby in style to Cape Town. Super-efficient and helpful, they went out of their way to ensure the girls made it safely to their new home.

Thank you to all involved for carrying out my heart dog Sophie’s sign and bringing these two special souls to their new home at the Barham household.


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