A Special Love For Lady

8th Apr, 2020

Written by Sandton SPCA Social Media Manager Kathy Raffray

Professional photography by Strike a Pose Photography

The Sandton SPCA is based in Marlboro Gardens, Gauteng. Our mission is to prevent cruelty and promote the welfare of all animals, and although, most of the time, our days are filled with dealing with incidents of animal cruelty, abandoned and stray animals, we do have the occasional privilege of meeting many other animal warriors.

Meet Johannes Sebopego, one of the most caring and responsible people we’ve had the pleasure of assisting. He has no earthly possessions and lives in the veld, BUT he’s rich beyond measure, because he has a loving and faithful companion cat that he named Lady. Johannes shared with us that he’s had Lady from the time she was a little kitten, and she’s now six years old!

He came to us to assist him, as Lady had a litter of kittens! Johannes realised that he couldn’t care for both Lady and all her babies, so he brought them all to us. He surrendered the babies and asked if we could sterilise Lady. “WITH PLEASURE,” we said. After Johannes said a tearful goodbye to Lady, assuring her that he’d be back to collect her soon, our Kennel Manager and Vet Clinic staff took her off in the cat carrier to get comfortable in the clinic.

OH. MY. WORD. Lady turned out to be a real feral, feisty kitty. She hissed, spat and fought, making for a very challenging patient. No one could get close to her without full riot gear on. We persevered, and Lady was sterilised and treated. Johannes returned the next day to collect her, and what we witnessed was pure love and devotion.

When Lady heard Johannes, she jumped up and flung herself onto the cage door to greet Johannes. The two of them “spoke” for a short while, and then, without any fuss, Johannes took her out of the cage and cuddled and kissed her. The purring was unbelievable. These two have a very special bond, that’s for sure!

When the Sandton SPCA subsequently visited Johannes at his home in the veld, the other homeless people that live with him laughed and shared that she only has eyes for Johannes and that nobody else can go near her!

The Sandton SPCA have committed to giving Johannes a bag of cat food every month to help him take care of Lady. We’re also setting up a box in our reception where you can drop off donations for Johannes himself. Clothes, blankets, shoes, toiletries, non-perishable food, and whatever else you can spare would be greatly appreciated. Our inspectors will deliver the goods to him on a regular basis.

In addition, he’s been nominated as a SPAR hero of the week. The Sandton SPCA will be taking him to our local SPAR to assist with his shopping.

This gentleman has warmed our hearts and given us the strength to keep on fighting for the rights of all animals. 

Johannes shares…

Lady has been with me since 2014, when I took her in when she was a kitten. I love animals, and Lady is very special to me. She’s always here where I live and only loves me – she runs away from anyone else.

I’m very grateful that the SPCA helped me, because it helped Lady, and I love her very much.