Adventures of Odin

19th Oct, 2016

A Happy Tale shared by Kitty Care Durban and photography by Strike a Pose Photography

Little Odin (formerly Marshall) was discovered by a lady from Marshall Security. This tiny kitten of only about a week old had seemingly been separated from his mom and was left all alone in the world.

Tiny kitten, big problems

Marshall Security kindly dropped him off with our amazing foster mom, Tish, who nursed the little soul, taking such good care of him. From there he went to another foster mom, Lara, who also did an amazing job with him. Then, out of the blue, his right eye began to swell. Inexplicably and rapidly, the eye got bigger and bigger – and we had no idea why. The 300g ginger kitten was sent to Lizette (our other foster mom), who took him to the vet. The prognosis was not good: his eye would need to be removed. And so, this little scrap underwent surgery, dying three times on the operating table – but recovering each time. He clearly had the will and spirit to live.

Marshall went back to Lizette’s home to recover, where he was looked after very well and treated like a king. But we had a surprise in store for him: a few days after his operation he got to meet his new forever mommy, Tanya! She was smitten straight away and fell in love with him; the feeling was mutual.

Then more drama struck: he developed a chest infection! So, he had to be treated for that (back to the vet) and pick up some weight before he could go to his new mommy. After much anxiety, the vet gave us the “all clear” – our rescued kitten could finally join his new forever family!

What happened next…

Renamed Odin (the one-eyed god from Norse mythology), this handsome ginger guy now lives in a beautiful home, has a “catio” with all sorts of wonderful things in it (it’s more like his very own hotel), a family who adore him – and he even gets to go on adventures like a trip to the beach. He is just living his very own fairytale. He’s now 6 months old, and both very healthy and very naughty. 

Odin is one of the most energetic and loving little kittens we’ve ever met and has a look that steals your heart at first glance. He will always hold a huge part of our hearts in his little paws; he was and is such a blessing to us. Our little warrior, we love you, Odin, and your new family.

To Tanya and family: thank you for being amazing and giving him the most wonderful home. We also say a big thank you to Marshall Security and the lady who saved him, and our three awesome fosters who looked after him so well!

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