Ali finds her forever home

9th Jul, 2021

Written by Julia Travis – Social Media Manager, PlumPets Animal Shelter

Photography by Nat Gold ZA  

In September 2020, Kevin Haupt saw a small dog shoot out of South Road, Plumstead, and run along Castletown Road, parallel to the railway. The dog had a rope around her neck and there was a man in front of her. Kevin asked the man if she was his dog, but he didn’t respond, so Kevin ran after the dog and caught her at the Catholic Church. He kept her overnight, and after no one came forward to claim her, he brought her to PlumPets Animal Shelter for assistance where Paulette Bousfield (founder of the shelter) agreed to take her in.

It appeared that Ali was used to being outside at night. She also had some mistrust of humans, especially of men and would occasionally snap at women too. There were also some issues with other dogs (she could be a little bossy and growly around other dogs) and she also displayed some food aggression.

One of our volunteer walkers introduced Ali to her aunt, who tried to adopt her, but there was a major incident with her other dog. So Ali was returned to the shelter and Paulette realised that some work was needed before trying to home her again. 

During her time at the shelter, we worked with her, getting her used to different people, taking her for walks and socialising with other dogs. She also attended Puppy School; a special thank you to Chrissie Berry for taking Ali to these classes, which were instrumental in her progress. She’s now much better with people and better socialised with other dogs and is also quite affectionate to people with whom she’s comfortable. Having made such good progress, it was finally time to try to find her a home again. 

John Bairstow, who lives in Diep River, recently returned from living overseas and decided he wanted a canine companion. His family had previously adopted from PlumPets, and after John saw Ali on the PlumPets website, he approached Paulette to adopt her. After a home check and a meet-and-greet, facilitated by Chrissie, he was able to collect Ali and take her home. 

Thank you, John, for giving our beautiful Ali her forever home!

John Bairstow, Ali’s owner, shares…

Ali loves her new life and she’s doing super well – she gives lots of love in return. She plays and runs around the garden after me. We’re working on training her to eat slower and to be less aggressive around other dogs (although she initially growls at some dogs, a few days later she’s accepting of them through the fence).

She loves going for our twice-daily walks and everyone we meet says how beautiful she is. Ali is such a blessing; she follows me everywhere I go during the day and sleeps the entire night with me in my bed. 

Life with Ali is the best ever!

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