Amelia – The Wonder Cat

8th Jun, 2022

Written by Lynette Nicholson, Founder of Nicholson Rescue

Professional photography by Vanessa Bentley Photography

I was contacted by a lady who’d seen some very ill feral kittens in an office park. She sent me pictures of them and I responded to say that I’d take them in. I was shocked when they arrived. There were four little kittens, and they were malnourished. Their eyes were so infected that you couldn’t see them. Sadly, one of them didn’t make it.

Amelia’s eyes were the worst. It took many weeks just for the vets to get an idea of what they looked like, as they were so infected. I was advised to take her to a specialist animal eye hospital. They examined her and told us that Amelia’s eyes had never properly developed she was totally blind.

They recommended that she get a bit bigger and then to have them removed. Enter Kirsty Standing, who’d seen my post about Amelia, came to visit her, and decided to be her mom.

Amelia went home to Kirst and went for her eye surgery sometime after that. What an amazing duo Kirst and Amelia are!

Kirsty Standing, Amelia’s new owner, shares...

I came across Amelia on Lynette Nicholson’s Facebook page. I remember seeing that the vet gave this little girl two options: to remove both eyes or to put her down. Lynette opted for them to remove her eyes, saving my little girl. I’ll forever be grateful to her.

I immediately sent her a message on Facebook saying that if she hadn’t been booked I’d love to be her mom and Arlington (whom I also adopted from Lynette) would love to be her big brother.

Lynette got back to me and said that the people who’d booked her had just let her know that they wouldn’t be taking her anymore. The same day I’d asked to be her mom... it was meant to be!

Lynette just said she needed to be an inside cat, to which I fully agreed. She goes outside almost every day but is totally supervised.

The first night I was scared, as I wasn’t sure how to look after a special needs kitten. I Googled and researched blind cats and their needs.

For the first month, I slept with my mattress on the floor so that she didn’t fall off. She was so tiny!

I took Amelia to our vet in Helderkruin, Dr Mariana, who is brilliant. She also confirmed that Amelia needed to have both her eyes removed.

Amelia struggled to open her eyes each morning. She’d wake up and the crust would be so bad that it would keep her eyes closed. Every day, between two to three times a day, I used warm water and cotton wool in an endeavour to clean away the crust and infection so that she could open her eyes.

Eventually the infection spread to the side of her face. I went back to the vet and they said we should move the operation up sooner. I sent Lynette a message and she agreed.

We initially had to wait until she was 2kgs before they’d do the op. When I got her, she was already around four months and weighed less than a kilogram.

She went in for her operation and, thankfully, it was a success. The night we got back she was playing immediately, even with a cone on her head!

In the days that followed she just grew bigger and more beautiful. She’s confident and brave and has the most amazing character.

She plays all day long. Her favourite toy to play with is a tampon – I think she likes the crinkle it makes on the floor. She’s not afraid to climb high and loves being outside with me. If she hears a fly or an insect, or even a bird, she’ll go after it and try and catch it.

She gives the most loving cuddles. The only thing she does that isn’t pleasurable is eating my hair anytime from 2h30 to 5h00 each morning to wake me up.

Now that it’s colder, I sleep with a hoodie to prevent her from waking me up like that. Nowadays, she scratches on my head until I get up.

She’s such a joy and my little shadow.

It took a while for Arlington (my boy cat) to adjust to Amelia. It took about three months for them to get along, and now they’re best friends.

She’s one amazing, beautiful little girl. Having no eyes has never stopped her from living a very full life.

Thank you for this amazing opportunity to share Amelia’s story with so many. By sharing her story, I hope it might inspire someone to adopt a special needs animal or to see that animals can live perfectly happy lives like Amelia does.

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