28th Aug, 2019

Written by Stephan Hendricks, volunteer at Cast Aways Animal Sanctuary

Professional photography by Strike A Pose Photography

It’s quite evident that Angel had been dumped. What we don’t know is whether she was dumped and then got hit by a car… or she was thrown out of a moving vehicle, which is how she ended up with broken legs: one front and one back.

Angel was spotted on the 23rd of April, lying next to a busy main road, literally in the middle of nowhere. There weren’t any houses close by, so there was no way for her to have wandered away from home. Michele and Anche Steyn, of Randfontein, spotted Angel and stopped to help her.

I’m sure that poor Angel was in a lot of pain, yet despite that she didn’t display any signs of aggression towards Michele. Angel was taken to Randfontein Dierehospitaal, where Dr Johan Naude examined her. Apart from the broken legs, she had a severe skin condition. Treatment began the same day; her legs were operated on and pins placed in the legs two days later.

Angel stayed at the vet in recovery for almost two months. She was slightly overweight when rescued, so she was promptly placed on a weight-loss eating plan and lost a couple of kilograms. The day she went home, she looked like a queen. A couple of days after the operation Angel could run around as if nothing was wrong.

Why call her Angel? On the day she was rescued from the side of the road, we networked for funds, as Dr Naude advised that it would be a costly operation. Whilst on holiday in KZN, a family spotted Angel’s Facebook post and decided to drive back to Randfontein that same day to meet her. When they met her, they decided that they’d love to make her part of their family. Their dedication towards Angel was astounding – they visited her every day at the vet.

Angel, we might never know what your story was and where you came from, but what we do know is that you now have a home. You’re now part of a family. From the first day that we saw your adoptive parents, we saw that it was definitely love at first sight.

Thank you to Randfontein Dierehospitaal, Dr Hendrik Naude and Dr Johan Naude, for helping Angel. Thank you Natalie and Jakobus from the vet, who always ensured that she was comfortable. The vet bill that amounted to R20,000 for her almost two-month stay at the vet was discounted to R10,000 – thank you Dr Hendrik and Dr Johan!

Thank you, too, to Riaan and Desiree Easton Jansen van Rensburg for giving Angel a home and making her part of your family.

Thank you to all the people who came to visit Angel whilst she was still at the vet.

Riaan and Desiree Jansen van Rensburg, Angel’s new owners, share…

Our story of Angel is a beautiful one. It began at the very moment we saw the post on Facebook and immediately contacted Dr Naude from Randfontein Dierehospitaal. We were on our way back from holiday in April 2019, and upon arriving in Randfontein we went straight to the vet to meet her, where we were welcomed by both vets and the receptionists. 

They filled us in on Angel’s situation. It was a very sad story, but it ended up being a beautiful one. Once we met Angel we were very excited. Dr Naude informed us that she’d have to stay with them for quite some time as she was to be operated on once the skin ailment had healed. It had to be done this way otherwise the bacteria of the skin ailment would spread to her bones, possibly leading to serious complications. 

We understood this and were just too happy to know that she was in awesome care. The father and son, Drs Hendrik and Johan, and the receptionists were amazing, and we knew Angel was in the best hands. 

I visited her almost every day, and my bond with her grew; she was getting used to me. When she heard my voice she’d get very excited, and I gave her treats when I visited. The receptionist, Sonja, would let me know how she was doing daily when I went to visit, and the vets also kept us up to date on her condition. 

When Angel eventually got to come home everyone was so excited… from everybody at the vet to all of us at home! She quickly became part of the family and got on with all five of our other dogs – three Bull Terriers, a Rottweiler and a Whippet.

Angel is a bundle of joy and is now one of us. We thank everyone involved with Angel’s story, and we’re very grateful for everything they contributed to save her life.