Annie Gets Her Happy Ending

22nd Apr, 2022

Written by Brigitte Ferguson – Marketing and Fundraising: Kloof SPCA

Professional photography by Antony Cousens Photography

When the staff arrived at work on the 9th of November, no one was prepared to see what awaited them in the standby kennels. A kind member of the public had bought in what truly was a pathetically sad dog. What greeted them was a semblance of a Maltese. Two soulful eyes peeped out from what once must have been a beautiful white coat. She had dreadlocks and matted hair covering her entire body, to the point that her sex was not able to be immediately ascertained.

The staff promptly took her inside and routinely checked her for a microchip. To their absolute surprise, they found out that she did indeed have one. We initially thought the owner must be responsible for the horrendous condition of the dog. Upon further investigation, however, it turned out that she’d been missing for two years! Unfortunately, circumstances had changed for her previous owners and they were sadly unable to take her back in.

Annie was sent to the Kloof and Highway SPCA clinic for a complete health check and found to have two of the largest bladder stones the vet had ever seen. Annie was scheduled for a very long and uncomfortable groom at Village Vet Parlour where she was treated with love and care, something she’d not had for a long time.

After weighing the hair that had been removed, it came in at 1.08 kgs. Next, Annie was scheduled for her life-saving surgery, successfully performed by Dr Ramnanan. Now that Annie was free from pain and discomfort, she began to show us who she really was! Annie is a typical Maltese and has formed a special bond with Tania Ungerer, our Adoption Officer, who spent so much time with her making sure she never felt alone. Tania came in on weekends and after hours, always going the extra mile for Annie. Annie’s estimated age is eight years, and she’s been lucky to find a special home with sisters Wendy Palmer and Linda Coats, where she’ll be loved and cared for and shown the affection every animal deserves.

The Kloof and Highway SPCA have so many questions regarding Annie’s whereabouts for the last two years. We suspect that someone may have found her and kept her, failing to take her to a vet or SPCA to be checked for a microchip or reporting her as a “found dog”. But now, the SPCA and Annie are putting her neglected past behind her as she enjoys a bright future with her new family.

Wendy Palmer and Linda Coats, Annie’s new owners, share...

We wanted to offer another little dog a loving home and visited Kloof SPCA.

When we saw little Annie, we were instantly drawn to her and knew she was “the one”.

After all she’s been through, she settled in so well and has adapted easily to life with us and her new fur friends. Annie is exactly what we’d hoped for in a little dog, and so much more!

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