Basil and Bay

27th May, 2022

Written by Chris Ellingson

Photography by Marizanne Ferreira

The tiny white-and-brown goat kids were estimated to be less than an hour old when they were found huddled together outside a storefront in a busy township; they were so new to the world that they were still wet with amniotic fluid. Their mother was nowhere in sight; it was assumed that she’d been chased away by dogs.

Would they survive?

Orphans Basil and Bay, as they’re now named, were found on the 27th of August 2021 and taken to the Animal Welfare Society Port Elizabeth. Neonates like Basil and Bay need extra-special intensive care, so they called animal rescuer Marizanne Ferreira, who’s known for taking these little ones in and raising them until they’re strong and fit enough to go to their forever homes… as pets and not as food.

Both kids were quite weak, and Bay had a crooked leg. Marizanne took them to the vet for a check-up, and although they seemed otherwise healthy, it wasn’t clear if they’d survive the next few days as no one knew whether they’d gotten in the all-important colostrum. Bay’s crooked leg also affected her balance and caused her to fall over at times.

Fortunately, with Marizanne’s experienced care, the correct milk substitute, and supplements, the siblings pulled through and got progressively stronger. With the help of Marizanne’s dogs, specifically Pit Bull Terrier Yanka-Kwanita, these tiny tots were loved, comforted, and safe.

Starting new lives

Approximately two weeks later, it was evident that the twins would grow into healthy and strong goats; Bay’s gammy leg was also a lot better. They came home to start their new lives in a safe environment with our family.

The kids were bottle fed until they were weaned at around four months old and, thankfully, Bay’s leg straightened out nicely over time with the correct care and nutrition.

Fortunately, they’ve happily integrated into the herd of other orphaned goats, and the older members are surprisingly tolerant of their playful antics. Basil appears to be an aspiring mountain goat, as he scales any surface he can, be it the water trough or the backs of his herd mates.

Basil and Bay have a strong bond and are seldom far from each other. In fact, they still sleep huddled together, just as they did in the beginning.

You can read more about amazing foster Pit Bull Terrier Yanka-Kwanita and her ability to help animals in distress here

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