Benjie the Brave

22nd Oct, 2021

Written by Bianka Lerm, founder of Die Honnemense

Professional photography by Caroline Hartley Photography

Benjie was uplifted as a young seven-to-eight-week-old puppy when we were called out to a property in Scottsdene where his mommy, Jody, had birthed five puppies. They were found extremely cold in a makeshift open kennel, and Benjie nearly died from hypothermia.

We immediately uplifted him and rushed him to the vet, and my co-warrior at Die Honnemense, Teniel Tonathy, literally pulled him through the first few days by syringe-feeding him electrolytes and high-protein soft food around the clock.

He’s blossomed in foster care with us, and in time we found the most amazing family for him with two feline and two canine sibling companions... we couldn’t have wished for a more loving home for him. He was recently sterilised and is the apple of his daddy’s eye.

Monique Metcalf, Benjie’s new owner, shares…

From the first moment we saw the post about Benjie on Facebook, we were in love. With a new baby due in October, we were, at first, hesitant about getting a new dog and decided to rather hope and pray that he’d find a loving home.

However, a month later, a post popped up on Facebook saying that he’d still not found his forever home. Well, it took just one tag to his new daddy, Hugo, and the rest is history. Our absolute love and compassion for animals prevailed once again. With a Jack Russell girl named Miela and a Jack Russell x Dachshund boy named Rusty, we knew that Benjie would fit in perfectly.

On Saturday the 31st of July 2021, Bianka and Benjie arrived at our house and I immediately fell in love. (Keep in mind that we’d never met him before and now he’s at his new home.) Daddy came back from work and his face just lit up with instant love. Benjie adapted instantly, playing with his new brother and sister and loving life.

On Friday the 6th of August 2021, Benjie experienced his first camping weekend. He was an absolute superstar, travelling to Roberston without any issues. This is where we discovered that he’s such a brave boy who loves and adores water. His favourite part of the weekend was probably being on the rubber duck until he and Rusty decided to jump in the water. No worries, mommy saved them after their swim.

Rusty is his best play buddy, Miela is his sleeping buddy, and daddy is the best person in the world. He’s the apple of his daddy’s eye and mommy’s baby boy.
We can’t imagine our family without him.

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