Best Friends Forever

20th Apr, 2022

Daisy (left) and Charlie

Written by Linda-Louise Swain – Public Relations Officer: Animal Anti-Cruelty League Port Elizabeth

Photography by Marizanne Ferreira

A kitten and pup were surrendered to us after Inspector Beverley Rademeyer and the Health Department went to investigate a residential property about which we’d received regular complaints. The kitten and pup had obviously forged a unique, supportive relationship under their disruptive living circumstances. They were surrendered by their owner and our clinic staff noticed their unique bond. They snuggled up together in the clinic cage and cried if they were separated. We knew that a special home needed to be found so that they could stay together.

Bronwin Meyer of Domestic Animal Care very kindly offered to foster them together and to help us to home them. Fortunately, this is where the lovely Morris family stepped in. Mel and Garth Morris introduced their new fur-children to the rest of the family and it was instant love at first sight. Melanie works with all of the societies and has adopted many fur children in need. For these two inseparable little ones in need, it has indeed been a fairy-tale ending.

Mel Morris, Daisy and Charlie’s new owner, shares...

Garth and I have four children, with our youngest currently in Matric. I’m a preschool teacher, and Garth has an engineering and plant hire business. We’re lucky to live on a very large property, which gives us the space we need for our animals.

It was fate that Bronwin and I met many years ago when our eldest sons were just starting school. We’ve been friends ever since, and I’ve shared many adventures with her through her work with DAC. I used to foster for her quite often, but as my rate of foster failures grew, we had to take a break from fostering for a while. I also went back to working, so I had to put fostering on the back burner for a while.

We recently lost our very oldest dog who was 14 years old, and before him, another old boy to cancer. We were down to six dogs and two cats. We also have 18 bunnies (also all rescued) – found in the street, dropped off at vets or welfare organisations. The boys are all neutered so they don’t breed.

Anyway, I was chatting to Bron one day and she was telling me about this puppy and kitten that she was taking in, giving me a bit of the story about where they’d come from. For some reason, their story truly touched my heart. Later that day she sent me some photos of them and I immediately posted the picture of them on our family group chat to say, don’t you think they look like Morrises? Of course, everyone agreed. Then we were just waiting for Garth’s opinion, and luckily for us... he agreed!

All our dogs and cats have been rescued and are mixed breeds. They also all sleep inside and are spoiled rotten. When Daisy and Charlie arrived, I had great intentions of letting them sleep in a beautiful new basket next to my bed. But that hasn’t really worked out too well. They sleep snuggled up together next to me on my bed every night. Most evenings, when we’re getting ready for bed and Daisy starts to get sleepy, then Charlie likes to groom her. He licks her face and ears, and when he’s satisfied she’s clean, he snuggles up next to her and goes to sleep.

They also love to play a lot. They chase each other all over the house, under and over furniture.

Daisy also has another new best friend. Our youngest dog, Ellie, who’s about three. They tear around the garden and play very nicely together.

Our two other cats are slowly coming around. At first, they weren’t impressed, but they’re finally starting to relax around the new arrivals.

Daisy and Charlie are about four months old and have just had their 2nd vaccination – soon they’ll both be sterilised. They love to eat their specialised vet food with bits of cooked chicken over it. Daisy and Charlie are living their best life, as best friends, forever.

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